SMSF - Property Proceeds Deed

Has anyone heard of this? Is it another C&N thing?
Sounds good - but no info on google.

Article here:

I received it also and read it. The sceptic :rolleyes: in me infers that only Chan & Naylor will be able to set up clients with this special deed and of course being an intricate vehicle, will only be able to have tax returns done by same. Anew business arm perhaps ;)

It may be something worthwhile, however further clarification and private rulings would seen requisite activities to me.

He mentions that warrants are fine when in retirement mode. When I'm in that phase I will be retired from investing in my SMSF, so don't know what he's on about.

What did you think ILP?
Michael - 100% agreed. Given C&N's history.
I was surprised not to see the little "TM" symbol after the Property Proceeds Deed.
C&N are too pricey for my liking. But would really like to know what is involved.

For me, not being able to leverage off equity has made me pause going down the SMSF route. Waiting for something like this.

Is it too good to be true...
With the retirement mode - I thought that was a bit of a blurb to get in people who would like to buy a few properties (who are say 10 or more years off retirement).
For people who own enough property in their SMSF and are in retirement mode then the warrant system is fine, as you do not need to draw down on equity to fund more properties, you already have all you need. Hence the warrant allows you to sell the place or keep using the returns (assuming profit) to live off.