SMSF strategy options

Hi there,

If you had 250k in a SMSF, which of the two strategies below would likely see you better off in 5 years' time, ie. with greater net assets? (ignoring ongoing SMSF costs for simplicity)

(1) 250k invested in ''high growth'' portfolio of shares.

(2) 250k invested in a ''high growth'' residential property worth 500k at 50% LVR (using SMSF lending)?

* measures string * :p :rolleyes:

Which shares?

Which/What/Where property?

JIT, how about 125 K in direct shares (maybe a little covered call writing as well) and 125 K geared up (72 % LVR with Dragon) on a 350-370 K IP inclusive of closings and set up fees.

Cover both bases. ;)