SPAM origins

Most of you are experienced posters and have probably come across posts which we label as SPAM. These posts have a number of characteristics which I won't go into here but, like popups, they are extremely annoying. Although the meaning has broadened over time, it originally referred to the same message repeated to an irritating and unwanted degree.

Have you ever wondered where the term SPAM originated?

On the Internet this sort of repeated message has become known as "spam", in honour of a Monty Python sketch set in a café where every item on the menu consisted of Spam.

You can read the sketch and download the audio at:

If you haven't got Real Player you can download a free version at,020905r1cp_choice_1

Another good resource of Monty Python stuff is:

Can anyone recommend other good MP sites?


PS: Hmmmm...just read the sketch again and spotted a flaw.

The Wife asks: Have you got anything without spam?

Perhaps she wasn't listening when the waitress said earlier: Well, there's egg and bacon; egg sausage and bacon; etc

And the Man didn't pick this up either although it was he who asked: Well, what've you got?

Perhaps the skit is a parable about poor listening and the consequences. Is this too deep? Hmmm...what did you put in my coffee, Ruby? ;)
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