Spreadsheet help please ?

Hi there,

I hate when you go to your accountants, you get all excited about a possible postive cash flow property that you found, you drill down on all the ins/outs and find out you are not cash flow positive afterall.

DOES ANYONE have a spreadsheet or a link to one. I just need something I can add my figures to and get a realistic fugure of what I am up for with potential properties. I have spent the past 2 months living on a computer trying to get a decent investment property with high yeild and reasonable new for depreciation......I recall reading about someone having one.....

Doing my head in......

Hi Tess,

What a great link, what great work by all of the guys. How dumb was I, didnt even do a search ? That shows my state of mind at the moment. Who said school holidays were fun....

Thanks again.. Just need to decide which one to use !!!