Springfield Lakes vs Burpengary, QLD

I'd like to buy my first investment property in Brisbane. I prefer to buy land & house rather than unit or apartments but not sure where to buy. From my research just find out that Springfield Lakes & Burpengary are two suburb where government has invested a fair bit of money on infrastructure as well as private sector. Just wanting to know your insight about these suberbs & which one do you think has more potential for CG. Thanks
Hello. Please tell us why you think these locations are good investments. I don't know a lot about Springfield but I am in Burpengary every few weeks.
Dunno about Springfield. Burpengary has loads of land that can be developed. Lots of suburbs north of Brisbane that are being heavily developed. North Lakes, Dakabin, Mango Hill, Griffin area - just south of Burpengary and closer to Brisbane) has a lot of new housing. Lot of new shops, small business and local infrastructure, rail, in North Lakes. A work collegue purchased land in Burpengary last year and the house is to be completed by June, they couldnt afford house and land in North Lakes. Burpengary is a fairly long commute to the city for Brisbanites.