Subway Question

Hi folks

What would you do in this scenario?

I went into a Subway store in Adelaide on the way to pick up hubby, at around 8pm. I knew he hadnt eaten so thought I would buy him a snack.

When I asked for a sub the two girls said they had no more bread to put the filling in. Fair enough, it was close to closing time so I left.

As I walked back to my car to drive off I saw two young men go into the store. And thought they would soon be sent off too. But to my disgust, I watched as the two young girls miraculously produce two bread rolls and make up their meal. :mad:

I contacted the store the next day and they said that they had baked some more bread. Yeah, right, in three minutes. And which was also rubbish as I passed by the store maybe 30 minutes later and it was closed.
1. Try to contact the franchisee. Quite often there arethings going on in the store which they don't know about and should.

2. If you don't get satisfaction that way call the number in the napkins. Complaints are a black mark for the store so should be taken seriously by management.

But call the franchisee first, not just the manager.
I'd say these were the boyfriends picking them up after their shift on a Sat. night. Rolls were possibly put aside like a preorder. Who knows though if they were freebies or not :eek:. Still I'd be a bit peeved too.
Yes, weg I thought that about a pre-order and I would actually have accepted that as a reason, but that wasn't what the girls told the manager had happened. They said a new round of bread had been baked..And as they selected their salads while I was watching, is that really a pre-order anyway?

I will do as Geoff suggested; I know someone within the head franchise here in Adelaide so that should help.
If that was me and i had a known of a relative/friend pick me up or come and visit, then you or anybody else would had buckley's chance of getting anything either.
Go home and eat some decent food anyway. Or take it from home. tpfkd
When my store has run out of bread, my staff know to suggest a wrap. It's a pity that the staff in the store you visited didn't suggest that.

After all, they are not only Sandwich Artists. They are also Wrap Artists.