Sydney Revaluation


With all this recent talk of Sydney property market stirring, i would like to see whether anyone has recently revalued their properties which they have bought/revalued in the last 12 months.

Please provide:

1) Date of recent revaluation

2) Date of purchase (or last revaluation date)-last 12 months

2) Old and new value

3) Suburb

Am trying to get some "real" figures here.....

Same here, it would be really interesting to see real world numbers. I can see a lot of evidence to show that some areas are doing really well, with some properties selling for substantially more than similar properties 12 months ago. A recent example:
1 br, renovated single story terrace, 115sqm block sold for $675k in Sept 09
1 br, unrenovated single story terrace, outside toilet only, 80 sqm block just sold for $688k in March this year.
Looking forward to seeing what everyone has.
Well here here goes...

1. 1 br unit Dulwich Hill bought for 95k in valuation about 279k

2. 2 br unit Campsie bought for 163k in valuation 325k

3. 2 br unit Meadowbank bought for 90k in 1994 valuation 330k

Hi Sash

Thanks for the numbers; but i was after properties bought / refinanced in the last 12 months eg. property bought/refinanced in March 09 AND the latest revaluation....trying to get an idea of the movement in the last 12 months...

I bought my apartment in North Sydney April last year for ~$560k. I'm going to an auction for a smaller apartment this weekend just behind my block, it's older and much more cramped but has already received offers up to $580k, I think it'll go for over $600k easy.

It has made me interested in getting my apartment valued - but what's the right way to do it? I don't want an overly optimistic one from an agent who just wants me to sell sell sell
Valuation Mar 2009 $460k (not happy with this valuation)
Valuation Mar 2010 $565k (happy with this valuation :) )
North Strathfield, Sydney