Tenant late on rent and no reply - kick them out?

I just recently signed up a new tenant by myself (no agent involved).

THey seem really nice and honest. But 2 weeks after they moved in, they are supposed to pay the rent for the next fortnight, but that never came. I sent an email and she said she thought it should be paid next month. I told her rents are prepaid, not in arrears. She said would pay that day, but didnt receive.

Also, when she paid me the bond, I sent her the Bond Board form to sign, but she never returned that to me. She said she already sent it, but after 2 weeks it never arrived. I asked her to photocopy her copy and mail to me, no reply.

What should I do?
The rent is 10 days late, and I havent received the bond board form and the signed conditions report.

Should i just send them a letter telling them to move out within 1 month or something? And just confiscate the bond.
Have they paid the bond? If not, I think you can give them 14 days notice to vacate.
If they have and signed a lease, you would have to look at giving them the required notice for their rent being more than 14 days late.
then what can i do?

I mean, yes they paid the bond, but they didnt sign the bond board form, so I couldn't submit it to the bond board.
If they dont pay rent and dont respond, I have to do something, if not, there is only 4 weeks bond. After 4 weeks there is no way i can chase rent if they dont wnana pay.

Im in Victoria by the way.
Read up on the tenancy leglislation for your state.

You can't just kick tenants out and confiscate the bond.

Marg's advice is spot on. They have certainly done the wrong thing, but you also have not lodged the bond so you are also in the wrong (at least in Queensland there is a time limit to get it lodged).

You need to call whoever looks after this in your state and find out exactly what your next step is. You need to follow the appropriate steps, issue the correct notices, prove they were sent etc.

Perhaps get a PM to sort it out as it seems you are unsure of what needs to be done and when. I imagine a PM would possibly take it on if they then get a house to manage out of it. Once it is sorted, make sure you know exactly what needs to be done, in what order and time frame, if you want to self-manage.

Keep on them and get them out as soon as you can. I suspect they realised you don't really have your finger on the pulse, and are taking advantage.

Make that call tomorrow, and let them know you are not a pushover.
Should i just send them a letter telling them to move out within 1 month or something? And just confiscate the bond.

This sounds like the best course of action, although writing the letter might be a waste of time.

I'd just kick 'em out, and then keep their full Bond....sweet as bro.
As the bond amount has not been lodged with the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority within 10 days of receipt, I'd tread very careful.

First of all, call the tenant and tell them that they must sign the form within 24 hours and that you can drop around with the form for them to sign on the spot. This is reasonable. Download the form from Consumer Affairs Victoria's website or pick up a copy from their Exhibition St, Melbourne office. If you download the form remember that it's not in carbon copy so it will need to be filled in and signed three times.

If the tenants cooperate and you date the form the day it is signed, this will resolve any issue about the form being late.

If the tenants don't cooperate, ring Consumer Affairs Victoria ASAP to discuss the situation. Here is the section of their website about bonds: http://www.consumer.vic.gov.au/CA25...d?OpenDocument&1=910-Renting~&2=030-Bond~&3=~

In future, you should NEVER accept bond money without also accepting a signed bond form for the amount. Usually the bond form is signed by the tenant at the same time as the lease so this is convenient for all.