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From: David Hepburn


I need to draw up a lease agreement for a tenant we will be putting into our development property. There currently is an old run down 1 bedroom cottage on it which eventually will be bulldozed.

We are not too worried if they trash the place, we obviously don't want that to happen, but we need some sort of lease agreement specifying the basics such as payment frequency, what they are not permitted to do, etc. Nothing too in depth.

If you have a word document of this nature and you don't mind sharing it around, can you send a copy to dhepburn@bigfoot.com

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From: Cathy Baxter

If you're in NSW you can buy residential lease agreements with all the standard clauses from newsagents, with all bond forms and a booklet for the tenant.

Costs about $5.50.

Easiest way to go.

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From: Rasputin .

another example of the net saving us even more money !!!!
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From: Paul Zagoridis

Actually in most states of Australia there is a Residential Tenancies Act. You cannot contract out of the provisions of the Act. So buy the pre printed form - is a good thing.

If your lease is declared invalid by the NSW Tribunal it can take MONTHS to YEARS to evict the tenant.

Also things rent could be suspended pending outcomes of trials. Remember there are Tenants Unions out there who love to take on big bad landlords, especially those too cheap to comply with the law.


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