The correction we have to have



From: Bydntsel .

Predictions please.

What would be the reaction of a drop in RE values, rising interest rates, softening of the rental markets. etc.

Considering the increase in property investment seminars over the past three years.
How many knew investors are in the marketplace compared to speculators?

When will the speculators sell at a lose?
Finding out that the negative gearing costs are much higher than they were led to believe.
Cap gain lower than expected.

How far will investor let the market fall before they will buy ?


"Follow your own advice"
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From: Anony Mouse

Bill Bonner at
is predicting a fairly draconian down turnn fairly soon.
These guys have been pretty accurate over the last few years, albeit sometimes out by a few months.
If their analysis is even half correct,I guess we are in for some stormy weather.

"A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always count on the support of Paul."
Of course, Paul's support is obvious, but it is equally obvious that to rob from Peter to pay Paul will make Peter
very, very angry.
My question is this: "How can you run a good government with a sore Peter?"
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