"The Week That Was: 22-28/12, 1999"

From: Mike .

Hi Again,

Christmas week on the forum and the Xmas spirit was missing from the posts. No "Merry Christmas" wishes from anyone. I thought I'd check forward to the posts of Xmas week 2000 to see if things had changed. Nope! Same deal. So, apart from Sue's post of the 19/12/99 no Xmas wishes were extended by any other Poster. I hope Xmas 2001 will be different. Let's put a bit of humanity into the forum, folks.

Statswise this week: all was quiet before Xmas with only 10 posts.

Topics Included: PIA, Claiming deductions, New Property.

Trivia Time: No posts were recorded on Xmas Day 1999 or 2000. Some forum addicts couldn't hold out, though, and had to login on Boxing Day. Some psychological testing is required, I think.

Quotable Quotes:

From Bill: "Does anyone know a good PI Real Estate agent and Accountant in Melbourne?"

Me: Bill posted this on Boxing Day. He is definitely a certified forum addict.

From Ian: "The PIA software is designed as a decision tool not an accounting tool."

Research & URLS:

From Ian: "Check out http://www.rentright.com if you want software that will track expenses.

From Les: "For any other forum-ites, the URL http://www.wealthbuilders.com.au will get you to John Fitzgerald's website where he presents the bones of his approach to Real Estate. Well worth a look in my opinion.

Classic Post:

Les bounces back this week with his reply to Bill (you can't keep a good poster down).

Bill's Question:


Has anyone used the 'recipe' of purchasing new properties in high growth areas, maximising tax advantages via depreciation allowances, etc. As I see it buying a smaller number of 'good' properties could be a focused approach to wealth building. Also interested in experiences on serviced apartments. (Ref. my reply to Mitch's query on 1 bedroom in South Yarra ). Love to hear from you out there!!

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"Re: The Week That Was: 22-28/12, 1999"

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From: Terry Avery

I will think you will find that on the old forum it took ages to load and so
niceties like Xmas greetings were dispensed with otherwise everyone could
have walked the dog while waiting. So people preferred to talk shop rather
than send greetings which would slow down everything unnecessarily.
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"Re: The Week That Was: 22-28/12, 1999"

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From: Rasputin .

The new forums seem ot me to have become more user friendly, much faster and easier to read what you want to. I hope my little additions are brining the human side of investors to here, and not jsut all "shop talk"
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"Re: The Week That Was: 22-28/12, 1999"

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From: Sergey Golovin

Well done, Rasputin.
Finally you made it.
Good signature.
Very flashy!

Serge G.
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