This one has potential...thoughts?

It was built in 1988, hasnt had much if anything added to it since.

So much you could what point would you stop?

Im thinking new kitchen, new bathroom and extending the side fence around to the front of the house. And then some minor things - extra garden out front with palm trees, new paint inside and out etc.

Nerang has decent CG, this property is close the highway, schools, shops etc etc.

Instead of new kitchen, just replace benchtops and (probably) paint cupboards.

Yep, tidy up the front and extend the fence (and hide the air con)

Bathroom looked OK in the photos.

No idea about the location :eek: (done some work at the local service station!), but seems like a few complexes in the area. Will that be good or bad?

"Minor" generally = "cheap" so do the minimal. Looks OK, just needs a bit of cosmetics, IMO.