Unconditional loan approval

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Is it normal for a big 4 bank not to give any form of offer or approval in writing after they give a verbal confirmation of loan approval (there was no need for a valuation - apparently)? My lender says he will give me a loan offer at the same time as filling out my mortgage documents (3 weeks before settlement) but in the mean time I'm stuck without any physical evidence that I have my loan approved without any strings attached. I'm feeling very uneasy because I've had a friend whose lender pulled out after giving verbal loan approval and I'm afraid that it might happen to me; and now he's stuck with 3 weeks left until settlement to find another bank that will lend. I'm thankfully still 5 weeks out but I want to get this right the first time - what should I do?? My lender is being very difficult and won't give me any confirmation other than saying "yes yes yes it'll be ok" :(

I've had 14 loans over the past few years and have ALWAYS had a conditional and unconditional letter of approval for each and every one.
Can't think of any good reason why a bank wouldn't provide a written confirmation that the loan had gone unconditional.
If I were in your position, I'd not be very happy and extremely wary.
Hi Art

U should feel a little quezy :)

get the paper .....................somewhat unusual for a lender not to provide same as a matter of course

Thanks all... I'll try asking again.

I should point out though, I did receive a letter of offer COPY (i.e. it's marked as a copy on top) today but it's not an original that I can sign. Is this generally good enough or should I really push for a letter of offer that I can sign?
Demand it in writting or start looking elsewhere. I've met a lot of people who've been been told the same thing, only to have their loan denyed at the last minute.
This is not normal, if you are buying a home in Qld you need to provide evidence that you have finance approval, then your solicitor instructs the sellers that they now have an unconditional contract.
I bought in QLD recently and it was like pulling teeth to get a formalised letter from my Melb based bank confirming 100% finance (required in that state). I only got it because it was contractual. I doubt he would have been happy giving me a second letter for the NSW prop. bought the same month had I asked.

Having said that I would insist on the letter or suggest you may need to go elsewhere for the 'peace of mind'
Even with a formal approval letter, I was concerned until settlement when the money actually paid, as the bank may pull the carpet under your feet at the last minute (They did drawn up a new Consumer Credit Report one day before settlement). Don' trust your mother-in-law, but more importantly never trust a bank.
Something similar happened to us with a LOC (to cover deposit and purchasing costs) not the actual home loan though. I can tell you that i will never proceed again unless its all in writing! they screwed us up big time and we've paid dearly. its been nearly 4 months and we are still waiting for half the LOC we initially applied for and told we would get!

Don' trust your mother-in-law, but more importantly never trust a bank.

Hear hear!!