US Reminder - Check Taxes/Sewer/Trash

Hey everyone - it has been a long time but I just wanted to send out a reminder to anyone with US property to please please check that your property managers (or you), have paid your property taxes - ditto on sewer and trash in a lot of states... if you do not pay these, they will indeed foreclose - and can foreclose on you for paltry sums. You can log into your account at the local assessor's department so a quick check may save you a lot of angst. Most taxes are due August through November.

As many are now also selling properties in the US (congrats on making your $$$), please just make sure you have your own sales price in mind - namely that you have personally looked at at least 3 good sold comparisons (size/condition) within 1/4 mile of your property to draw from. Often real estate agents just want a quick sale - which is fine, but they may recommend a price less than market in order to accomplish that. Just be aware. If needs be, ask 2 or 3 real estate agents to pull comparison sales for you in the area, citing that you are looking for similar size, number of bedrooms and age.

It seems like only yesterday but is 5 years for some of us since the foreclosure market first started and for those holding, our properties and tenants have evened out and with any luck, for those selling and holding, our capital gains/market corrections have been realized - but it is still critical to pay attention to the smaller details! Underselling does little for those still hoping to sell!