We find out if we are in a Recession today

From: Robert Forward

Today we will find out if the country is in yet another recession, those of us that remember the one in the 80's (the recession we had to have). After a record 10 year run of growth isn't it about time we had a few negative growth quarters to even things out?

What are peoples opinion on this, do you think it is going to effect the property market? How is it going to effect the property market? If we are in a recession will it change peoples attitudes on there money and investing? Will it cause problems on the stockmarket? Ahh, the joy of the unknown.

And then on top of all this we also find out if interest rates are going to be left for yet another month or they are going to be cut again.

What a day we are heading into. And I for one am looking forward to it.

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From: Rolf Latham

Hi Robert

An old sales trainer thaught me once that " you get what you go out looking for" Spread the R word enough and thats what youll get.

No evidence of a slow down from any of my small windows, but maybe they are all facing in the wrong direction :eek:) Signs of excess yes yes, slowdown no.

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From: Sergey Golovin

What's new about it?

Dollar down, import down, export up, retail up, the rest of the industries down.
May real estate figures up (according to AFR – Australian Financial Review). Reason is well known - end of financial year.

What's new about it?
The GST? Yes, perhaps.
Black economy is on way up…
In old days no one knew who is paying what (with wholesale taxes). This days everyone knows who is paying and how much.
Do you remember folks the "Neighbourhood Watch" program we had to have...
I recon it would be rejuvenated by the ATO. Would be army of spy’s all over the place.

All those "new" ideas get recycled all over and over and over again.

So, as far I am concerned, we are safe.
Nothing dramatic everything is same.

Good and bad, highs and lows…?
Yes, what’s new about it?
Would nice to grab it (the bargain), otherwise it is OK as it is.

Serge G.
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