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Still Bitching

Yes, like a dog with an old bone, won't let go.
I want too have the old website bookmarking system used on this website, then you know where you've been.
Ian Somers built this website, so it would be so easy to add the bookmark system.
Thank you Ian.
Bruce G.(sydney):D
Hi Bruce.

Exactly which bookmarking system were you referring to from the old forum ?

As for Ian building this website... that's not exactly true. Both the old WebBoard and this new vBulletin forum uses off-the-shelf software. Ian set up and configured the WebBoard forum and I set up this new one on Ian's behalf.

As for adding features, while this software we are using is very customisable, the basic functionality that we have is not easy to change without some significant reworking, which would be problematic when it comes to getting support if things go wrong. Any customisations we make would generally be cosmetic, and not adding major new functionality.

Unfortunately pretty much what you see is what you get.

If there is something specifically that you want, if you can describe in detail what it is you are trying to acheive, perhaps we can help by explaining how to achieve something similar in the new forum.
And can I add that I would like the e-mails thingo to be put back on in this new system. That is, I had all the posts were sent to my e-mail (Outlook Express) which I then sorted out in "subject order" to follow on what was posted previously. So easy and quicker to get to the new posts (in bold) etc.

Sim, I read (somewhere in one of the posts, can't find it now - sorry) that the decision was made not to allow for an e-mail system with this new forum. Can this decision be re-considered?

Danny D.
Hi Danny.

You didn't quite read that correctly.

There was no decision to not allow for an email system on this new forum.

There was however, a decision about which software we would use. There are many many factors that needed to be taken into account when making that decision. Unfortunately there was not one choice of software that had all the features that we required - there never is. So compromises had to be made, and some features were not going to be available.

If it wasn't the email system, it would have been something else.

I do regret the loss of the email system, and I assure you that it is not something that was decided we don't want. But like I said, there were tradeoffs that needed to be made, and unfortunately the email system was one of the things that was sacrificed for the greater good.

But it is NOT the end of the world. There is great demand for email support in vBulletin, and the developers of the software have acknowledged the need. While there is no confirmation yet, we are hopeful that these features will be available in v3 of vBulletin. I'll keep you posted. Until then, enjoy this marvelous web interface ! Isn't it so much better than the old one, and so incredibly fast ?
Thank you Sim.

That's usual of me, not read your previous post re this new forum "correctly" (it seem to be a problem I have - so much to read and remember these days - workwise, this IP forum and other items as well).

Great news if the e-mail system can be available in v3 of vBulletin. Can I just add that the e-mails can be downloaded and then read off-line etc as I just have the one phone line in my household (and 4 teenage daughters to share with).

Fast? Well, I realise the reason for changing over systems was due to this forum being so popular and it slowed the previous system down, but as I was getting the post by e-mail, it did not bother me at that time. I upgraded my computer (in June) and the new forum seem petty good but it does depend on the line speed etc. So far, no problems at all.

Anyway, I'll keep at it and a "thanks for doing your bit towards building this system" and helping others with your knowledge. (I can't forget your line "no brainer" re Quicken prg. That got me going!).

Danny D.
G'day Sim,
I love this new website, but it would be nice to be able to identify
postings that you have read from those that you haven't.
On the past website the topic changed colour after you read the
It would then give you a clue to where you left off your readings.
As I don't come on to the website every day, I seem to forget
which was the last topic I read.
Bruce G.(Sydney):D :cool:
Ahh... but that's why we have the "View New Posts" option (up the top of the main forum page)... shows you all threads with new posts since you last logged in. Not quite the same as we had with the old forum, but almost as good.

I am playing with a new "hack" that allows you to show new posts in the last X days - so you could show all new posts in the last 20 days if you wanted, all in a single view. I'll let you know when I've got it installed - if I can get it to work.
Fix img

Hi bbruham,

I understand exactly where you are coming from.

A system where you could just grab the latest posts and view them all offline would be fantastic - still a ways of

Something to help you in identifying new posts since your last vist is when you enter a forum there is an
icon next to each thread that is new since you last logged on.

I find it helps me quickly identify which topics I want to look at. Hope this helps you :)
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Excuse me Adam...I'm did you get the down arrow icon into your message? Thanks.

My guess is that you put your mouse cursor over the image, right-clicked, selected Properties, saw the URL address that points to the gif, in the message area selected IMG to insert an image, put the gif URL into the address field and clicked OK. Like this:

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