What is the PM obligation on a break-lease

I had tenants break lease in April, they gave 1 month notice. The Tenant stopped paying rent after one month as they felt (rightly so) that the PM had not taken reasonable steps to re-advertise the unit. I was so disgusted with PMs handling of the situation that I left for another PM. Long story involving multiple lies from PM to myself and tenant. I'm out of pocket 4 weeks rent.

Email received on Friday from old PM with a "notice of hearing" with the tribunal between me and the tenant. Old PM has have washed their hands of it. However, as they created the problem, there must be some way of holding them liable?

Anyone experienced this situation? What should I do? Should I try resolving this directly with the ex-tennant?
Hi Gerty,

What state is the property in?

What were the fine print in your leasing agreement with the PM regards to reletting on lease breaks?

What is the ex-tenant after?

The Y-man
Hi Y-man,

I'm in Qld.
I'll have a look at the fine print, good starting point.
Tenant doesn't want to pay rent for the 4 week period after one month of giving notice.