Who does Property Belong to?

From: John P

Hey guys, if I wanted to know under what names the title of a house was under, is this public information available ??

If so, who can I contact? I am assuming it is the land titles office.

If it is possible, is the info free??

Many Thanks

John P
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From: Simon St John

You can do a titles search at the titles office as I understand it.

Question whether you can do this online nowdays?
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From: Asy .

Yes, you can do it online, but it will cost you lots (about $18 for title search).

Best idea is to go to the council, usually about $6 for a search, but often they don't charge you for a one off, and they never charge you if you happen to be a neighbour who needs to contact an owner about a fencing issue... ;o)


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