Will the (potential) coal mine affect Melton??

Hi everybody

The news have been full of the proposed coal mine in Bacchus Marsh, with most agreeing it will go ahead in the next couple of years...

I have two properties in Melton (Kurunjang) and would like some opinions on what, if any effect the coal mine will have on them? So far, the limited group of people I've spoken to said it will affect my properties' prices negatively.
I would've thought the influx of workers would push prices up?

What do you think?
I can only comment on my experience as living near a few mines and I would
not be looking at your properties or area if I knew a mine was nearby.

How is the coal going to be transported ?? we have a coal mine planning to
expand and they are saying an increase of coal trucks up to 500 per day
in peak periods. Then there is the dust and if its under 1.2 micron level this
is in the cancer causing range.

Is this an underground mine and are they planning first workings under your home???
If its open cut? buy a dryer to dry your cloths because you will not be using the cloths
line much anymore.

So why do I live here, because this is the family property that has been in
our family for nearly 140 years well before any mine.

Living near a mine will attract people especially if they are planning to work in the industry
but on the other hand will also be a big negative.
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Just to clarify: melton is about 15 mins away from Bacchus Marsh.

Melton is the last suburb west of Melbourne, while Bacchus Marsh is a little town on it's own, it's not considered a Melbourne suburb (yet).

The mine is going to be open cut.. will the pollution reach Melton?

Opinions are just that unless you ask a metorologist or even better a local.
Isnt there already a coal mine (Maddingly) and big quarry on the north side of town at BM? Do they currently produce dust in a big westerly wind?
My opinion (which as I am not a meteorologist or a local is probably useless) would be that in a westerley wind its possible to get a fair bit of dust.
This is why I like SS so much! I am contemplating property in the western corridor between Melbourne & Ballarat..... did a search on BM and bam!!! Coal Mine Exploration Licence.....

I now have something else to consider & this will definitely shape/change my initial thoughts on the area. Bitter sweet, as I was looking for a PPOR! :mad:

Thanks for raising this issue on SS, it has been invaluable to at least one!