WISE investments??



From: Ray Hinton

I attended their seminar in Canberra last night. The people running the seminar and the support group in Canberra are all ex IC people.

There must have been some falling out with KY.

The presentation was not very dynamic and we had to paid for the show!!!

But my curiosity was satisfied.
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From: Rasputin .

Easiest way to make money in IP scenes is to get people to pay you for your info !!!!!
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From: Apprentice Millionaire

Hi Michael,

Found another splinter group from IC and KY: National Property Investors. They have an ad in API magazine, and a web site. Saw their presentation: yep, very much IC!

And pushing Brisbane to the max.

Hey Michael, now that I have my first IP in Melbourne, is it time for me to come and look around Canberra?

Apprentice Millionaire
(aka Jacques in the old forum)
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