WOW! they found noah's ark.

the story goes that they found noas ark, its 4000meter on the top of mount arrarat? and is carbon dated to 4500 years ago, they have five pics posted on nine msm , from RAW live.
I just stayed in Ararat (gateway to the grampians) and I didnt see no Noahs ark just a nice main street, best Western hotel and a good RSL for a feed.

Next time ill take more notice.

BTW - reckon its all a beat up...
yeh I saw that story on TV about 20 years ago.

Shoul dbe an enormous boat! And must be a very inbred bunch of animals getting around since that date. and the 2 kangaroos that were on there hopped away to the farthest corner of the world before they started procreating
link to what Craig?

what I should post a link to is.... a crying statue of the virgin mary in my backyard! just $50 to have a look and we can also organise accommodation packages at the nearby Comfort Inn.

i read the story on nine msm, and looked at the pictures, perhaps some clever person could find it and do the link so others can see it too!
wasn't laughing at you - but perhaps we should laugh att he expedition team. If they had watched the same program as I did 20 years ago on free to air TV they could have saved themselves a lot of time and money
they found the ARK on Mt Ararat?

you fer real? i'd liek to see the geological evidence of the a flood reaching over 4000m ASL (ararat being over 5000m).

a wooden structure buried under snowdrift halfway up amountain is not an unusual occurence in the Armenian highlands.

it's more likely they'd find the ark on somewhere like cyprus or santorini, but the locals would have burned it for firewood long ago.

let's remember that's it's MORE LIKELY that Noah built a wooden BUILDING halfway up a mountain to protect from a flood, and for it to be the only thing that remained should there have actually been a flood. of course, the only thing to have survived such a flood would have been a boat....right?

does it prove the bible is right? could do. but again, let's take EVERYTHING into account first.
Went for a drive through the mountains of NSW one time with the parents when I was a kid. Pulled over onto the side of the road for a quick toilet break, went for a little bush walk and my mother found a shell of some sort.

"WOW. This must have washed up here Noah's Ark flood." She said.

The thing that made me laugh at the expedition team was something like this (not an exact quote):

They ruled out the wooden remains as being from a village or settlement, because they've never found a settlement that high before.

Now that's science! (These guys should stick to religion).
Just what did the lions and tigers eat while waiting for the herds of wildebeast to (in)breed to numbers where they could be "harvested", or did the unicorns sustain them over the years?
Yes i remember seeing this also. The first time it was found they ended up pulling the full discovery because of civil war or cross border war with another nation. Forgot the details as it was a while ago. They did fly past it as it was the only way to get a last look before the borders were shut. Something about you could only access it from such and such place.

Ill have a peek and refresh my mind a little

Thats my understanding of it anywho. Found it amazing at the time. There was a guy who found it even earlier. He new it wouldve been silly to prove so he cut a section of it and dragged it down the hill. Only when someone took him serious and the "right conditions became available did others pursue it".

The right condition was a avalanche that exposed the arks front or backside. It jutted slightly out of the mountain. No mistaking it was some kind of large wooden vesel. Thought it was a hoax. At the time i thought it could easily be built up there(I was young and high as preverbrial kite back then so take it easy on me)...yes yes i didnt know its impossible to cart or build a structure that far up like that. lol i laugh at my stupidity. Oh well