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    Melbourne IP opportunities and what type??

    OneIP&wantsmore, I would say houses are the way to go if you want CG. Land is the key as they don't make land anymore! As for areas, as P&P sugguested, Fawkner and west heidelberg are upcoming areas and are great buys. Also look at Reservoir which recently recorded 20+% growth and is on...
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    Is this a unique richmond apartment?

    I agree with DeeHwa, Also, you would not want a car run through your living room if it were to happen again on that T intersection. However, I assume that this will be a rental property? Not too bad as a rental IMO As DeeHwa pointed out. Great Location, not so good of a position.
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    Is this a unique richmond apartment?

    Property Meister, The good news is that it's in a great location with Richmond station 100m away The bad news is that the brothel is one house away. Pretty good price for a 2 bedder IMO however, you may want to sit in the living room at Open for Inspection and try to hear the traffic from...
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    Stamp Duty - Investors.

    If this Stamp Duty Calculator is anything to go by, then QLD is the best option.
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    Question from beginner

    Best of luck!
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    How to Value a Property

    As a VERY general rule, I would multiply the rental return x 1000 eg. $320pw = $320,000 > 5.2% return
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    3 words increased my rent by 42%

    Great work Mattyg! Love the youtube clip mate Keep us posted on the 2nd unit
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    Conveyancer or Solicitor (Property specialize)

    Have used Frank the last few times buying and selling. No issues at all. Deliver on time with minimal fuss. Also Fixed cost if you're concerned with costs etc.
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    newbie after some guidance

    Great advice Fuller! Like you, I've got a few properties at only 23 and I can tell people the same thing. Accountant's are your best friend and never listen to people who think they know everything but don't own any IP's. Cath, you will find that Investing in property requires a team effort...
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    Need a renderer

    Try calling 0413877176, tell him that Hai referred you. his' website is
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    Newbie - Investor/Developer

    Thanks for the response Willair & Fourex. Based on my calc, the reno will only cost $20k to $25k max with an amount set aside in case of a blow out. Having friends and family in the renovation industry will help in this. As for the sub-division process, I mistakenly wrote the 'delayed...
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    Newbie - Investor/Developer

    Hi Everyone, I purchased my first investment at age 21 using a small amount of savings and the FHOG to purchase an inner city apartment in Melbourne which is now returning $415pw (7.5%) and CF+. Even though, I'm 23 years old now, I'm a very keen property investor. I've been spending allot...