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    Looking for new PM (Melton) .... who would you recommend

    The agent that i'm bitching about here: Is in Melton. Am I allowed to name the company?
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    What recourse do I have?

    I have. It was not overlooked though. The agent, and previous owner did not disclose this at any point. I've spoken with my neighbour, I do not intend to block the work or anything like that. He didnt do anything wrong. On the open day he actually came over while I was looking at the...
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    What recourse do I have?

    I guess I need to assess it a little more. To clarify though. Thier garage is on the propety line, its a big garage and it spans half the side of my house. Replacing my little wall is fairly trivial, but the garage looks like a pretty big job as they will need to prop it up, remove the...
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    What recourse do I have?

    Ok guys, I guess I'm missing something. Is it unreasonable for me to be pissed at breech of contract and surprise construction work? Leave the sarcasm aside for a moment and tell me what you would do.
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    What recourse do I have?

    I'm not so sure. Had this been disclosed. 1. I'd not have bothered doing any work until after the builders were done. 2. I would have had a stronger position regarding negotiating the price. 3. I may not have bought the place at all. The contact actually states " The property is not...
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    What recourse do I have?

    The fence in question is about two meters wide, between my laundry and their garage. Photos would explain it better. The first is when I moved in, my house is on the left. Second after cleaning it up a bit...and I'll have builders trample through there. Replacing the fence is not really...
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    What recourse do I have?

    Thats exactly what happened. But now I'm going to be dealing with the fallout, trampled garden, builders, noise, having to choose a new fence. I'm angry as I may have chosen another property had I been informed at any point during the settlement process. Was I supposed to have been told?
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    What recourse do I have?

    Situation as follows. My neighbor who I'm on good terms with mentions last night in passing that "it went through, we finally went to court and won" and they are booking builders. I ask what for and he looks really surprised. I then find out the six months before I settled on my ppor...
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    Feeling a bit used ...

    isn't the discount the whole point of buying off the plan?
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    Would you rent to 6 people all under 20 years of age?

    I lived in a place like this when starting out, 7 tenants + guests every night. It was awesome. Exploding dogfood, bong water and vomit on the carpet, windows smashed, police visits. Great fun. On your situation I'd only agree if the company accepts complete sounds like a...
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    Why extended Settlement ?

    I got two months on mine. Why? Because I didn't want to pay rent and a mortgage concurrently so I wanted my lease to expire + time to move and make arrangements.
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    Fencer is ruining the utilities - who pays

    Are they supposed to be digging by hand? How could the fencer know?
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    Illegal But Apparently Happening

    Should I post a few of my own, or will this immediately turn into a whingefest?
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    Cost to Polish Floorboards

    I'm about to do this myself, debating doing it myself a room at a time vs hiring somone. DIY types, stories please!
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    Advice Please

    I bought a three bed, two bath with a big yard two minutes drive from a shopping center, local pool and three schools for 178k in January. The only downside is its in Melton, I really don't want to live there but I bought within my means and I'm not struggling. My plan is to pay it off or a...