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    I'm looking for a NZ accountant & solicitor

    Thanks I may do that. I did wonder if the completion of most house repairs would trigger a sell off but I am more interested in finding the right place to live rather than timing the market too carefully. I am looking more at lifestyle blocks which probably have a slightly different market.
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    I'm looking for a NZ accountant & solicitor

    I am planning to move from Perth to the Christchurch area (Canterbury) in a couple of years but want to buy a place now and possibly rent it until then. Can anyone recommend an accountant either in Perth or Christchurch who understands the Aus/NZ investment tax issues? And then I am...
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    I just called them and asked for 2 reports and after a couple of minor questions about 'did I need finance' the reports arrived in my email 5 mins later :)
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    The ATO and interest capitalisation?

    I have an investment loan on an IP and a line of credit that is used to pay the interest bill and any rental expenses. The rent goes into my normal account and I top up the LOC as required - to cover the interest etc. The LOC is never used for non-investment/ deductable purposes! I heard...
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    Options for good tenant late with rent?

    I have a self managed rental in Perth, with tennants who have looked after my place quite well for the past 4 years and always paid on time. They called today to say this months rent is due but they can't pay. They assure me they will catch up next month. I know the process for termination...
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    Thoughts about building in Armadale, WA

    What would you consider to be a good price in kelmscott - for a house with development potential? I had wondered about subdevelopment as an option but a bit put off by the logistics having been through the building process before (although I could do it if I put my mind to it).
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    Thoughts about building in Armadale, WA

    It's been 2 years since I bought my first IP and my wife is pestering me to buy another. One idea we are toying with is to go with a house and land package in Armadale (WA) where the build price is around $300,000 and includes a furniture package. Location to transport etc seems ok and 4x2...
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    Temporary Soundproofing?

    I have built a few sound proof(ish) rooms. These may be a bit over the top though! Think of sound like heat because they respond to the same treatment (although a little differently). :rolleyes: So cheap to not so cheap... 1- Trapped air is a great start so curtains and carpets will...
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    New to Perth

    Is that why they were honking :D
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    New to Perth

    I drive east through the tunnel at 5.30pm and pity the cars heading west - then you have the car park on the narrows. No thanks!
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    New to Perth

    A search of Atwell and surrounds for available rentals brings up a lot of hits. How do you assess strong rental demand?
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    SA solar panel deals

    I'm not SA but suggest you look behind a hot deal. I suggest questions such as; how long has this product been on sale in Australia, does the mfr have a local office, how does the warranty work (panels loose efficiency over time), do they meet an Aus standard, what price for my REC's, ...
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    where is the bargains in Perth

    So i have been using replacement costs as a guide in Mandurah - obviously I am looking in places where there is still development happening. Is that the right way to think? And if I see a place below replacement ..... I did wonder about building an IP (not specifically in Mandurah) but that...