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    Bad bad bad Journalism! Young Property Gun

    This just went up on the Book of Face. Best explanation I've seen in a long time.... maybe ever. Two words immediately spring to mind: Gina Rinehart.
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    End of an Era

    Thank you Jan and Ian, and all the mods and others who have kept this forum going over the years. I look forward to the fun times continuing at propertychat :D
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    So what did you sacrifice?

    The main thing we have sacrificed is our time. Having mostly bought 'renovators' delights' and done the majority of the work ourselves, then renting them as self contained properties, I can't count the number of hours that we have spent on the properties rather than living it up.
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    Very bad experience with a property managers

    Wow. Incredible stuff :eek:
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    Psychometric test - HELP !!!!

    Agree with jrc.
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    Are you left or right handed

    I selected right handed, as I do write with this hand, but I do many things comfortably with my left hand - I can quite happily paint left handed, for example. It drives my other half nuts, he just doesn't understand how I can do it :p
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    Male pup , to fix or not to fix ?

    I grew up with dogs done and undone. The only time we had one that wasn't done was by the request of the breeder we'd bought him from - he was a show winner and she was thinking about breeding from him. Definitely wouldn't have another one unfixed again, unless we wanted to breed (which we...
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    Rescue Pets

    What a sweetheart! The only reason we don't have rescue pets, is because we can't have animals at all - husband is far too allergic. That said, next door's cat spends all her time in our backyard - we feed her, she has her little igloo with a warm comfy bed (which she spends about ten hours...
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    Tenant not vacating

    Or implement my favourite of KathrynD's suggestions - take the front door off its hinges and remove from the property :D (Please note, I am NOT recommending this completely unorthodox method.... it just makes me giggle every time I recall it)
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    So what does everyone here do for a living?

    While I'm qualified in the dismal science, I work as a public servant.... which is also somewhat dismal I guess!! And two afternoons/evenings a week, I'm a flute teacher.
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    2.7m or 3m high ceilings??

    I'd agree with the larger doors, it will maintain the proportion of the rooms. If you get this out of whack it could end up feeling like you're living in a doll's house.
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    What does it take to be successful?

    Persistence, and the ability to learn from mistakes.
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    Find the #1 Song on the Day You Were Born

    Tonight's the Night, by Rod Stewart :eek:
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    How old are you?

    I'm 38, other half is 40.
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    "White Flight" - Could this trend happen in Australia?

    We have had tenants who have left their home country - South Africa - because they were living lives that they didn't want to raise their kids in - lots of security needed, lots of violent home invasions, lots of anxiety etc. That said, I have to say the general concept of 'white flight' is...