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    PM to manage property in Frankston VIC - please recommend

    Definitely agree with NPB, be patient with tenant selection. Personally I can't recommend anyone in Frankston and I have used a number of them. I use Lil Skater and couldn't be happier. Her service has been fantastic from day.
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    dogs - never again
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    please recommend good PM Frankston Vic

    I too have pm'ed you.
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    Franskton Vacancy Rates

    Hi all, can anyone provide feedback on vacancy rates in Frankston in the lakewood area. How long on average is it taking for people to rent out their investments properties. Thanks.
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    Dog smell Carpet!!!

    I have the same problem in four year old carpet, stains in every bedroom, turns out the dog was never outside....only way to get rid of it is to replace carpet and underlay. The tenants told us they are spilt coffee stains, they couldn't explain the smell ...but if that is they case, then I'm...
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    Renting out a Frankston IP?

    Fruit I'm very glad that you have had a good experience with Fruit. I can't say the same. The worst property managers I have ever dealt with. I am now only getting the professional service that I have been paying for and deserved now that I have sold my last remaining property and will...
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    Renting out a Frankston IP?

    I don't mean to be rude but, for the most part, they are dunderheads. I agree totally with this comment. I too have used around 6 pms in the local area, before resorting to managing the property myself ... this worked well with the first tenant but disintegrated with the second tenants...
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    Rental inspection

    Inspection Photos the agent I am currently with does take photos for their report to the landlords. 1. to prove they have attended the property 2. to show that the property is being maintained satisfactorily. they do try to avoid taking photos of the tenants personal items.
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    Agent letter - Annoyed!

    Smoke Detectors I would double check that the service of your smoke detector was in fact completed. I was charged for two tests in less than twelve months, probably six months apart. I found out later that the tenants were not at home for the second test and I still received the charge...
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    PM and missing rent money

    Agree with what you are saying and I wouldn't have had a problem if the pm involved was prepared to discuss it. They started off being rude to a family member who answered the phone, then were intimidating and rude to myself. All the pm would say is that I have been doing this for x number...
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    PM and missing rent money

    Thanks everyone for your advice. Have taken it all in board and in the process of changing pms. The missing money turned up in my bank account tonight. Not a word has been heard from the pm about this since last week, they did however send me an inspection report.
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    PM and missing rent money

    I need some advice I currently have a pm managing my property; this month the rent was short paid - I received the equivalent of two days rent. Short version: I was originally told tenants were a month in advance, on written advice from my accountant they admitted tenants are actually in...
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    Can anyone recommend a PM in Frankston?

    I personally cannot recommend Fruit previously Buxton Would be interested to read others comments.