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    Hot Goss on L/L insurance

    I now use an Insurance broker to find me the best coverage - some of my apartments are fully-furnished; some are fixed term leases and others are non-periodic/short-term and variable. I find the Broker is able to source the insurance at a competitive rate and making claims is an easy and...
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    How to organise paperwork ect for IP's

    Filing.... well I tried a few systems over the years, but here's what I've found works best for me and the accountant. I have +10 properties which I self-manage. Each property has its own A4 file for the financial year. Each file then has dividers inserted: SUMMARY - important info about...
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    Tenant not paying rent

    Thanks :-)) My original feedback to the initiator of the post was simply to "check your lease agreement for a "termination clause". Hopefully the landlord can find an 'exit strategy' somewhere within the lease contract that's in place...
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    Tenant not paying rent

    Thanks for the spirited response... "Residential Tenancy Agreement Form 24B Periodic Tenancy (No Fixed Term)" items 20, 21, and 22. I'll apologise and stand corrected if my interpretation was inaccurate.
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    Tenant not paying rent

    The termination clause is standard in WA - for the Owner and Tenant. I just extracted the Owner clause. And yes, people do sign it knowing the clause exists - never had any problem, and fortunately only had to use it sparingly!
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    How to deal with strata mgmt

    Yep, I feel your frustration... Firstly, put it in writing to the Strata Management company and your Council of Owners (owner reps) if you have one. And follow-up with a second letter within 2 weeks, and another one, and another one... Secondly, find out if you can register your complaint...
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    Lamest excuse for not paying rent

    What the lamest excuse/s you've heard from a tenant for not paying rent ??
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    Tenant not paying rent

    Check your lease agreement for a "termination clause". For example, do you have a clause "The Owner may give the Tenant at least XX days notice to terminate the lease agreement without specifying any ground for the notice..." ?? Alternatively, visit the tenant and have a chat with them...
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    “Murphy’s Law” for Landlords

    Thought I'd share a couple of lighter (?) moments about being a Landlord... and would love to hear stories/experiences from other self-managing Landlords Murphy's Law #1 Your best tenant will get a job transfer during the worst rental market of the decade Murphy's Law #2 When a tenant...
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    Real Estate Speak

    Charming.... small Comfortable .... very small Cozy .... very very small Unique city home .... used to be a warehouse Daring design .... still a warehouse You'll love it .... no you won't Must see to believe .... an accurate statement
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    Quotes That Inspire & Motivate You

    "Many an optimist has become rich by buying out a pessimist" Robert G Allen "Don't be afraid to try something new. Remember, amateurs built the Ark; professionals built the Titanic" Unknown