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    End of an Era

    Thank you to Propertychat...:) journey continues....
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    wat's wrong with article?

    Exactly....I personally think Part IVA needs to be discussed by every accountant with their respective clients so these sort of (unintentional information) can be stopped before its too late....
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    wat's wrong with article? I like reading MY's articles...but this one got my attention. I think it gives incorrect information (unintentionally, I would say) which can be costly..lets see what u guys find??? Hint: Comments at the...
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    Credit hit on Pre approal extention?

    Does extension on Pre approval from Bank causes an additional Credit hit? Note Pre approval is already in place but expires in a month time....Pre approval was done in October last year... cheers
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    Query abt Tenancy agreement - VIC

    Thanks Guys. We've given the rent notice accordingly in time. Reading your response it seems like tenant can give us the 28 days notice on last day of lease in that case they need to pay rent as per notice. Once Lease becomes monthly, the way I read online is that both tenant and landlord can...
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    Query abt Tenancy agreement - VIC

    Thanks Scott. I didn't get this....28 days of notice can be given at the last day of the lease then how is it 28 days notice.....(e.g. lease expires on 28th Feb, to calculate the 28 days notice they have to advise by 31st Jan. If they advise on 28th feb that is only 1day of notice isn't it...
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    Query abt Tenancy agreement - VIC

    I've property in VIC on annual lease. Lease is about to end and we have send the rent increase notice with new lease, tenant has decided to browse around. I am thinking, until what time tenant can hold off making decision. Is it the last day of lease or 28 days prior to end of existing...
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    Empower Wealth: Experiences/Thoughts

    I've used them in past and I was happy with their service....was abt 3 yrs back....
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    Everyone moving to Brissy. No opportunities in Sydney?

    what abt Paramatta and surronding suburbs.....guidford etc... <400K is possible keeping 2 bedder unit in mind but requires quick action....if you are looking for long term....Sydney is always the better choice
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    Conveyancer and B&P Sydney west

    thanks Cadence.
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    Conveyancer and B&P Sydney west

    Dave M....I don't need right now. If u don't mind can u pls share your soli details or PM me.....there r number of refs for Ausinspect i noticed....wondering B&P inspection is must for unit/apartment purchase...
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    Conveyancer and B&P Sydney west

    Anyone??? any recommendation
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    Conveyancer and B&P Sydney west

    Hiya, can I please get some latest references on conveyancer and B&P inspection in sydney's west.... Property will most likely be unit/apartment.... thanks
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    NSW buying strata unit process

    Oops....didn't realize there are replies. Thanks Propertunity. So regardless of any of the two methods that you follow. Buyer always has access to contract before written/verbal offer. That's good to know so buyer's solicitor can point out some obvious issues before offer given. I get...
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    NSW buying strata unit process

    Hiya, Trying to understand what is the Private sale process in NSW for buying strata unit. I mean what sort of checks needs to occur before signing on contract. I've no exp buying in SYD.... in VIC, you get section 32 (on request) from vendor and you can get this looked at by your...