1. C

    Updating of data on YIP online/RPData websites

    I use the hot suburbs section of YIP online to track how suburbs are moving from month to month. Would anyone know what date each month this data is updated? I have previously heard it was around the 20-21st of each month?? (eg of suburb data -...
  2. knightm

    NSW Unemployment rates by region

    This was posted deep in a thread somewhere - I lost it and I thought it deserved its own thread. NSW Unemployment by region. Riverina and Orana fair very well indeed. Shoalhaven not quite as well, but...
  3. Prop Meeting WA

    Full RP Data access at special group rate

    Property Meeting WA has secured a deal with RP data to provide the full professional level access to this tool including all features such as Auto Valuations and Comparative Market Reports, at a special group price (note this is WA access only). This is a full subscription and could be tax...
  4. J

    Victorian sales data

    Hi, I am just in the process of researching a place for my wife and I. I'm keen to carry out background research so that we aren't rolling up to properties completely green. By my nature I'm a cynical person, so I trust selling agents about as much as I trust used car salesmen. I figure they...
  5. Jake Milne

    Information Sources used by a Buyers Agent

    Here’s some of my resource list. Contains investing info one may need to support decisions. Hope it helps... DATAHOUSE http://www.***************************/ FEDERAL...
  6. A

    Property Data For VIC - IMPOSSIBLE?!?!

    Hi guys, I have been going crazy trying to find property data for victorian suburbs. I have searched for products which give you previous sales info, suburb analysis, demographics, vacancy rates, capital growth rates, infrastructure upgrades to area, etc, etc but it seems that due to these...
  7. S

    Whose suburb data is reliable? Anyone's?!

    Hi. I'm just getting started in IP and am trying to do basic research on a number of areas. I'm wondering whose data people use and find to be reliable. I have some concerns about a number of suburb reports available on the web. For example if I look up Potts Point - which I know well - on...
  8. T

    RPData Subscription Sharing For Melbourne and Victoria.

    Hi all. Who wants access to every house sale in Victoria, including full address, sale price, Comparitive Market Analisys, land size, owners etc? Other services aren't allowed to provide full adresses for Victorian sales (privacy). I'm looking for three people to share the cost of a...
  9. rocky_data2


  10. rocky_data1