investment property

  1. J

    Is property in Super a good idea?

    I just read this post about SMSF Loans: [self promotion URL deleted] wondering if you think it's a good idea to buy residential prop in super, and if so, how much money do you need in super before you should consider it?
  2. M

    Redcliffe train line

    I'm looking at a couple of properties in the Redcliffe area for my first IP and am wondering what people's opnions are on the affect on property prices around where the train line is. I've found a property around 2.1km from the kippa ring station in Redcliffe, is that close enough to have an...
  3. S

    Where to buy next IP in Perth WA

    Hi Guys, I have been following numerous threads and have come across some very experienced and knowledgeable people on the forums, so thanks for sharing! :) Me and my partner are looking to buy an investment in Perth but with what the market is doing, we are unsure what areas we should be...
  4. A

    Buying in SA for less than 300k

    Hi We are looking to purchase our next investment property in SA early next year and with the balance we have in our account after settling for another IP this month we are aiming to buy something around the $270-280k mark. Preferably looking for a house that is not too old and easy to...
  5. coastymike

    Non Resident - Rental Income - Contribution To Super

    Some non residents have positive rental income and want to make a contribution to superannuation and claim a deduction to minimise their overall tax position. Where the non resident provides a valid notice of intent to claim the deduction to the Fund and the Fund acknowledges receipt of this...
  6. R

    A new Melbourne based Accountant

    Hi All, I'm looking for a new accountant based in Melbourne (I?m in West Melbourne 3003, but happy to communicate via email/phone etc) who specialises in IP and preferably someone who owns one. Regards, Ray
  7. J

    john the builder

    Hi everyone, this is my first time using Somersoft there is some interesting stuff talked about and you can always learn something new its great. The astute investors have a 7 to 10 year plan and then they flip them and replace them with new ones again I believe that this is the best way they...
  8. D

    Doonside - to buy or not to buy (for investment)

    Hi, I am brand new to this forum but have been reading/following some threads and it seems like a really helpful and knowledgeable community. I am humbly seeking some advice on property investment/possible small development project. I have a budget of around $1.2-1.5m. Initially...
  9. A

    Investment property and Tax

    My partner and I currently have 2 properties jointly. One is owner occupied and one is investment property both have mortgages. However the value of both properties is far greater than the mortgage value so we have equity in both houses. I am the in higher income earner than my partner The...
  10. B

    Best way to purchise second IP??

    Hi All, A year ago I managed to make the first step into what I hope will be a career in property investment by buying my first IP at 24. Now im looking to buy my second and am needing some advice, I was lucky enough to buy my first IP $20,000 under the asking price with the great help of...
  11. P

    Ways to deter certain "types" of Tenants

    I am planning to rent out my IP and my IP is a strata-ed 1970s block building in an inner city suburb. Some background in our area: - I am based in Ground level - Our building has 2 government housing unit currently rented to an emigrant family and a single man in his late 40s. Both...
  12. G

    To use a trust or not?

    Hi, My partner and I currently own 2 properties, one PPOR and the other an investment. We own both in our own names (jointly). We are keen to purchase more property whenever we can release equity, which we are now in a position to do again, so we could potentially own many properties in...
  13. O

    Reno advice needed - 1st investment property

    Hi, Just exchanged the contracts on my first investment property. Will get possession on about 16th DEC :) Went over to the house today and measured up so I could plan my reno's HAVE A LOOK BELOW TO SEE WHAT I CAME UP WITH - PLEASE COMMENT & TELL ME HOW TO IMPROVE THIS DESIGN>>>> My Goals: >...
  14. S

    Buddina, Sunshine Coast - first IP

    Hi all, Long time reader first time poster. I am a newbie and planning to purchase my first IP within the next few months or so. I am looking to spend up to $450K for a house in Buddina or surrounding suburbs. I did a quick forum search and didn't find much information on the area but I am...
  15. S

    local council and WAPC building regs

    Hey everyone! After months of reading old posts I have finally signed up to post my first thread! I am at the early stages of finding an investment property. I have a partner who is a builder so we are looking to find an old house (close to knock down) on a big block (700m2+) 15kms within...
  16. M

    Advice on buying block of units.

    I am considering buying a small block of units (3-4 units) in Brisbane or maybe GC, for next IP. Interested in going down this path, as the rental yields appear higher than just buying a house, and to diversify from just having houses as IP. This would be my first unit block purchase. Any...
  17. I

    Off the plan Boutique Apartment in Prahran Vic

    Hi All: I've just booked a unit at "The Clifton" 25 clifton street, Prahran for investment. NW facing on 2th level (equivalent to 4th story high), promising some city view. for $545K, return is $524p/w. I have up to friday for cooling period. I just like some input from you all. At...
  18. G

    Rebuild IP, live there and rent out current house

    I'm a bit naive when it comes to finance/tax matters so I thought I'd run this past more knowledgeable people for any comments. Soon will be retrenched. I'm around 60. Good payout and already fair amount in Industry super fund. Will have a (taxed) pension, so will have a strong cash flow...
  19. D

    If you had only 250k to buy a house, where would it be and why?

    This is of course an investment property to be kept for at least 10 years Ideally it would be neautral or even positively geared but the main aim is capital gains Will be intersting to see everyones thoughts
  20. V

    Buying new property while renting existing property

    Hi, Could anybody offer me any advice on the following circumstance. My wife and I own our current property outright. Our current house is on the market in a subject to sale agreement on another property. We are considering keeping our existing house, borrowing more money to cover the...