joint venture

  1. Prop Meeting WA

    Perth Property Meeting 24 June - Did you know 1 + 1 = 3?

    This meeting will be on the subject of Joint Ventures with an investor that has had a lot of experience in the area and a lawyer, so all bases covered. The first speaker for the night will be our very own Jeremy Jacka. Jeremy has had a day job in project management, owned and run a small...
  2. C

    Tax and trust set up for joint ventures

    Hi I am starting our my realestate investment journey and would love some advice on set up and tax on either process. I have one deal with three partners, one being the cash partner, one being the serviceability partner (that's me) and one being project manager. The aim is to buy one...
  3. MelbPropMeeting

    Melb Prop Meeting Tues 17 Mar - How To Create Win-Win Investing Partnerships!

    I want to let you know that I run a monthly property meeting group at the Veneto Club in Bulleen (just off the Eastern Freeway). Everyone is welcome to attend. The key objective for the group is for people to come along and learn about property and network with other like minded enthusiasts...
  4. N

    Reno help! Have some cash, no finance...which way to go?

    Hi everyone. I'm a complete newbie to this site and am really starting from the bottom here with respect to property (I live in Melbourne). Please be patient while I explain my situation as I am not sure of the best way to move forward. I have tried to keep this brief, but it is a bit...
  5. P

    JV finance partner required

    Hi there, We are actively building and looking for further small development sites in Brisbane. We have just completed a subdivision and construction of 2 new contemporary high set homes and currently also have 2 Townhouse DA's in council. Our broader Brisbane team are well established in...
  6. A

    Looking for JV to do strata titling

    Hi Everyone I am looking for someone to JV with to find blocks of units and strata title them and then eventually sell. The JV I am looking for is to go in 50 / 50 for everything. Someone who has time during the week to get together form a criterias for the properties we select Someone...
  7. S

    Investment Structure for joint development

    One of my friends offered me an option to buy a share of a property investment in QLD. Total investment would cost around 3.5 to 4 million. It?s a development site comprising of 24 town houses. The owner is keen to sell the property to us. The owner offered 3 options to buy 1) We (six...
  8. K

    JV - tenants in common- need help!

    Hi, I am newbie to this forum. Learnt lots of fascinating insights from the experts active members around here. Here is my situation: 1) thinking to set up JV with friend to invest property in NSW Budget circa $800k 2) each will pool in capital$85k for deposit+ expenses. 3) strategy is...
  9. G

    Looking For A Positive JV Experience

    I have recently been involved with Mark Rolton's Property Options - DVDs and friendly chatting with his team - and was told by a seemingly helpful friend to check out the forums to find out what it's really all about. I have since had my dreams shattered with all the negativity shrouding...