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    15th Sept - Canberra Property Meeting

    Every 3rd Wednesday in the month 15th September 2010 Canberra Property Network Meeting This month's line up is...... Martyn O'Connor CEO & Owner of the Parkhill Financial Group + Licensed Financial Adviser. Wealth Creation Through Commercial Property Commercial Property is a...
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    21st July Canberra Property Network Meeting

    Wednesday 21st July 2010 Come along to Canberra's Active Property Network Meeting. Everybody Welcome! Beginners to the Advanced.... This month is new and improved! The Active Property Network group has gone NATIONAL, meaning that we are now hosting meetings in EVERY CITY AROUND AUSTRALIA. We...
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    Canberra 21st April Property Network Meeting

    Wednesday 21st April Canberra Property Network Meeting It's on again with such a great response last month very exciting! Everybody is welcome!! The line up for April is..... Simon Bismire - "The Next Big Thing in Property" He is an investment property consultant, has been investing for...
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    Canberra Property Network 1st Meeting - 17th March

    Everybody welcome It's the first network meeting for Canberra this year, they will be starting in March and be every 3rd Wednesday in the month. Join in to learn & share your experiences plus meet like minded property investors. We have 3 speakers coming to share their knowledge with you...
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    CANBERRA Property Network Meetings

    Hi everybody I have just shifted to the ACT although not that far from Jindabyne NSW and looking forward to 2010. I wanted to find out who would be interested in attending monthly network meetings in Canberra. I am working in with Active Property Network with the delightful Troy n Bec...
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    Network 21 (Amway)

    Hi All Wanting to know if anyone here is involved in network 21 (Amway) or similar network marketing type businesses. What are your thoughts on them (whether you're involved or not) , what are the pros and cons, how can it work, how can it fail, is it worth the effort ? Cheers SmiTTy