1. Alex P Keaton

    Selling from $247 k ??

    I am trying to decide whether to list my ip to sell from $245 k or from $249 k I'm wanting it to sell between $250 K- $260 k. If I ask from $245 k do you think buyers will think they might have a shot at getting it for low $250's ??? Will I have a bigger pool of buyers/people through the...
  2. 2013 Perth Annual House Price Chart

    2013 Perth Annual House Price Chart

    2013 Perth Annual House Price Chart
  3. K

    Buying near a new Subdivision

    Hi there- Help!! I am looking to buy a house in Keperra (brisbane) but very nearby is a planned 300 lot subdivision (the old quarry). Any ideas whether that new subdivision will have a negitave or positive impact on existing houses in the neighborhood? Both on rent prices and sale prices...
  4. X

    Brisbane City Council Valuations

    Hi, does anyone know if there is any free, publicly assessable information about property valuations provided by the Brisbane City Council? What I'd like to do is compare an asking price with the council valuation. Thanks
  5. A

    How to find a nominee for unsettled block

    How can we find a nominee for a block of land when settlement is close and what will be the consequences if we cant settle what legal actions a developer can take .
  6. P

    Lamb at the kitchen table

    This is something I've been observing for that past dozen odd years though some of it is from when I first came to Australia. In 1988, the price of lamb was $1.99/kg and at some stage in the 90s jumped up significantly. While in Auckland in 2001, my brother-in-law who did his shopping old...
  7. House Price Index

    House Price Index

    House Price Index
  8. House Price Index

    House Price Index

    House Price Index, created by 'zooming in' on another graph posted.
  9. P

    Priced to Grow!

    Hi guys, Just interested to see peoples thoughts on purchase prices (forgetting the specifics). Does anyone only buy on a general principle on what they think is price range that gets the most growth. For example -Only buy at or around median city price as it's the price half the...