Buying near a new Subdivision

Hi there-
Help!! I am looking to buy a house in Keperra (brisbane) but very nearby is a planned 300 lot subdivision (the old quarry). Any ideas whether that new subdivision will have a negitave or positive impact on existing houses in the neighborhood? Both on rent prices and sale prices.

Thanks kindly
Look at whether the local infrastructure can take the additional housing and ask questions such as:

Will there be any local traffic issues

What pressures will be on local schools, child care centres etc

What is the market for the new housing (i.e. young couples, social housing etc)

What will they sell for and will they flood the market

Council should have the information so make an appointment and get an understanding of what the development entails.
growth in the area might bring shops or school in the area
wait until construction started you might even pick up the house for cheaper price
For long term might be good investment as buy cheap strategy…etc
How big is the house? Subdivide?

Construction nearby put off most tenant and family buyer
In the interim, potential buyer and tenant more likely to go with the newly subdivided property than yours
Sale price will likely drop as buyer now have option to buy newer house
Rent price will likely drop as tenant now have more option to rent a newer house unless you go cheaper