2 words that made me a fortune!

That's right only 2 words, but they have saved me a mozza (or two) and made me countless tens of thousands of dollars on many deals in my investing career.
The strange part though is I'm not even sure the people I talk to even understand the meaning of them.
Infact I always thought they are what you call the que thingy when playing pool when it's too far to hit the pool. But one thing is certain, those two magic words work miraculus wonders.

The first time I made this discovery was when I was inspecting a house and marveling at the quality of the pool table and it's accessories.
The RE agent said something about the pool table not being included, but I pointed to that thingy for far shots and said "That's a Far Que mate!".
For reasons unknown (maybe cause he felt ignored or annoyed that I changed the subject) he quickly replied
"Well I'm sure we can negotiate to include the pool table if your really interested in the property".
Wow! I thought, what's that got to do with that long que stick thingy for far away pool shots, but I knew this was really heaps cool and I stumbled on a wealth secret of the rich!
So I used again and again in all my negotiations that were'nt going the way i wanted.
When the RE would say "Wadda you think?"
I'd just reply "I reckon there's gotta be a Far Que mate!" "I like me snooker too!"
And he'd just lower the price for no apparent reason, or even offer to go back to the onwer and get a better deal.
It even works on rental properties in situations like:
"Can we keep pets?"
"Yeah sure mate, and a Far Que too!"
But they never bought any pets for some reason, which was great cause it kept my IPs clean and not stinky of pet urine & poop.
Maybe they were under the impression that the RSPCA would object to using a far que for pet training if they ever saw it.
You've prompted me to change my strategy.
I often forget that subtle hints don't work on unsubtle minds, of which there are many amongst the REA fraternity.
yup, will definitely use it in future negotiations. :)
but does it have a correct meaning???

Of course it does! Here's a guy using one in his left hand.
When the balls to far away how else can you reach them.

And here I was hoping to be interviewed in the local property rag with a true proven wealth secret never before published, and become famous with my pic on the front cover, yet they reckon 3 words and a few stinky pets that made less money are more worthy.
No wonder 90% end up on a govt pension!

Not even the money channel seem interested, though they have all these experts who lost 50% to 95%. I wish I could be as good as them.