40th - what to buy

Hey everyone, I have an ex-work colleagues 40th party this w/end wife and I have been invited to.

I have absolutely NO IDEA what to buy him. :eek:

Any clues from others who have either turned 40 already or been to a male's 40th ?
Hi, my hubby had his 40th recently and the gifts he was given that i know he liked were...

4wd / fishing books, mag subscription, bunnings vouchers, a wallet, bbq tools.

hope this helps.
Snuggies look pretty comfortable, but you don't have to spend money - it's the thought that counts!

You could book him in for a vasectomy, and pop the appointment letter in with the card.

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A book voucher or bottle of something makes me happy. Or a Bunnings Card. I think at our age we have most things we want and like to choose what we need next.

Esp for men. Women enjoy the surprise and the "thought" more than us - we are practical creatures :)
Now, this is a serious response.

A weekend hire of an exotic car like a Lambo, or Ferrari, or Porsche.

Include a two night stay at a B&B down the coast or out in the country so the person can drive the said dream machine to the locale with the favourite squeeze in tow. ;)
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That's a nice suggestion :cool:

I called up a couple of years ago to enquire about hiring a nice late model exotic for the day... from memory it was a few thousand to hire late model Ferrari or Lambo or Porsche for the day, and the security deposit was about 20k or so.

A two night stay at a B&B, including complimentary snuggies and shamwows are next to nothing in comparison, so you might as well throw those in aswell.
Lately we've had a few 40th's and a 50th. A few of us chip in and have been getting a framed/signed footy memorabillia item for them