I don't like the striped fence. Looks as if someone could not make up their mind on what colour to choose. And I could only see two photos too.
looks good

so comparing the 2 photos there was:

painted house and gutters
new porch light fitted to side of door and new decor
front door recessed back or is that a mesh screen that has been removed?
new front fence
turf lawn
side gate
new exterior blinds
concrete the driveway and maybe the path infront of the side gate

all pretty good for just 5k
seems like a javascript error if there are only 2 but showing 14.

Thanks Melbournian, maybe that is the problem.

I have checked 3 computers in the office and we all see the same thing (only two photos and no reference to any extra photos).

Very strange.

My client has only sent me these two photos so far since I did a Renovation Action Plan for the exterior of the property only. Hence only two photos in the gallery!
Just checked again (refreshed the site).

Clicked on the first photo, when it enlarged there was printing on the bottom left below the photo that said "1 of 14", clicked on the "next" icon and below the photo it said "2 of 14"......


Thought you might like to see some reno photos from a client of mine who spent $5,000 on their property in Victoria. They also furnished for $5,000.

Their total $10,000 renovation/furnish spend increased their rental income from $230 per week to $400 per week.

A renovation like this would only get you as much rent as the market would allow in the first place - in other words it would depend on how low the discount for it being rundown was, for an indication of a starting place for working out how much you stand to gain.

Buying is also the other area where you can gain with this type of property, if your discount is decent enough (think Nathan) and determines how healthy your new yield will be.

I mention this because I can think of a few areas that won't give a huge discount on a rundown property, or a huge hike in rent after a reno.

But I agree a good reno, that doesn't go overboard (over capitalise) and can be done cheaply, then gets you maximum rent is a no brainer.

EDIT... just realised it has become furnished acommodation. What I wrote would apply moreso to a regular unfurnished tenancy.
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