58 people in a 3 bed house

Geez, we have 2.7m high ceilings in our luxurious bed-squats. That's another 50% increase in occupancy.

Do you think that we can get 3 bunks comfortably into that height?

Can you get triples from K-Mart?
You've get a triple bunk in a room with 2.4m ceilings.

Our office in the city is in a building that has 4 floors of commercial topped with 22 floors of residential. And we are on the northern edge of Chinatown - near the TownHall.

The building managers have had a blitz on overcrowded apartments. They do regular checks. I was talking to the bloke who lives on the top floor and is chairman of the body corp. He told me something that made me laugh. Tenants are given notice of an inspection date and time, and the building managers go in. Too often, everything seemed to be okay. Then they realised that what the tenants were doing was moving the beds into the firs stairs just before the inspection. So they started to check the fire stairs first.

The other day in the lift I saw a young Chinese bloke with three new double air mattresses in boxes.

Yep. That's exactly what they would be doing.

A lot of the multi tenant flats would have been closed down, though - they are also getting tough with security fobs and checking them about every quarter.

The garbage room is interesting. For a while there it was regularly full of bed frames and mattresses as flats were cleared out. There is still a lot of evidence of households disbanding. Often it's student heading back home and tossing everything out. The table and chairs in our foyer upstairs came out of that room. I have put decent vacuum cleaners in my flat at home, my shed, my wife's studio and my Airbnb pad all from that room.
58 x $150 = $8,700 per week

The leaseholder was probably paying $1000 per week so around $7700 per week profit. That equates to $400,000 per year.

Wonder if the ATO are onto this.
I wonder if all of the tenants were using Kmart heaters or if all those bodies in a small space provided enough warmth