Accountant/Solicitor Database

From: Mark Laszczuk

This is intended for everyone, but mostly for Jan and Ian, as they are the hosts. Was reading back through posts and saw one that suggested people put up names/contacts for accountants/solicitors they had worked with and liked. Thought it was a good idea (got a contact number for accountant in Melb.) but it didn't seem to go anywhere after that. Maybe it's hiding somewhere and I can't find it? Anyway, I thought what might be a good idea (and this is where Jan and Ian come into it) is if we had a separate forum dedicated entirely to this sort of thing. Okay, so here it is: the conference listing would look like this:
Apprentice Millionaire...
Property Investor Forum
Meeting Point
PIA Software...
Caveat Emptor
Prop. Invest. Archive
Accountant/Solicitor Contacts
Then, you click on Accountant/Solicitor and it has a link for each state/territory.
So it would look like this:
Then, you click on the appropriate state link and post the details (you could maybe even have different regional areas within the state links - but maybe I'm jumping the gun here). What does everyone think? I reckon it could be a good idea - how many times do people ask for references on this forum? This way, you have a complete forum dedicated to this, which would make it easy for people to find references and add their own. All it would need is everyone's co-operation and willingness to post!
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From: Trina Blum

I think it would be a great idea. I needed an accountant when we moved back to Perth and didn't know a good one involved in property investing. Thanks to another website one was suggested who we saw last weekend and was really good.

I will also be looking for a solicitor when we arrange our first IP investment and it would be handy having somewhere to look that has a list.

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From: Michael G


I started a thread with such an idea in mind, it was to break down into states. The forum it still around somewhere in a post.

Michael G.
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From: Mark Laszczuk

Yeah, that's where I got the idea from. Hoping that it might eventuate into something further this time. Seems kinda strange. At this time, 144 people have read my post but only two people answered. Why? Are people reluctant to post contact numbers for people they work with. Is it because no one trusts the people in their team? You don't want to share? What is it people? C'mon, let's all work together and help old and new PI's. Mark
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From: Astro Boy

Sounds great,

I need one of each (acct. and Soli)...

They could also nominate themselves, as long as they were open to commentary by the forum on past work they have done.

look forward to seeing something up and running if possible.

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Accountant/Solicitor Database (Long Post)

From: Kevin Forster

What makes a good accountant or solicitor?

Starting up a database of accountants or solicitors could be fine but how do you define which one is right for you?

An accountant that owns properties but they're all negatively geared probably won't be right for someone who invests in positively geared properties or a wrapper or a flipper.

My accountant doesn't own any IPs but she is a small business accountant and if I'm looking at property investing in fact being a small business - then she's right for me. By the sounds of what people want from an accountant ie owns IPs - she wouldn't qualify.

The other question is if someone is a good accountant or solicitor and I mean really good then they probably have so much work that they aren't really looking for any more. So what would be the point of adding those to the database?

If you intend to make investing in IPs your business then create your business plan and get hold of some information regarding tax rulings, trust laws (if your using them), etc. After all don't you want to know everything regarding your business? Take the plan to a solicitor and an accountant to ratify the plan. They now understand what you want to do and can show some refinements or areas where what you are doing is illegal and then the solution on how to make it legal. Now you have a good accountant and solicitor and they understand where you want to go. Note: if they dismiss the plan out of hand or say it won't work and don't offer any solutions then you've probably found a bad one.

Going to an accountant and saying "I'm going to buy an IP, how do I get the maximum tax benefits?" is like going to a real estate agent and saying "I want to buy a house, can you sell me one?". The more information you provide to both the better the result.

Just my thoughts

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Accountant/Solicitor Database (Long Post)

From: JustAMum B

I must say, with the volume of traffic on the site, it would be great to just select the posts in a particular state.
It is great to read posts from all over, and much is relevant regardless where your from, but it would be great to have the choice. At least at times. To select say one state, or ALL posts.
Perhaps if the Property Investor Forum had a 'sub directory' structure with each state, but still allow posting under the 'parent' directory, when posting is not relevant to a specific state.
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