Adelaide get together


I am wondering if fellow Adelaidians would like to get together for a catch up, if we get enough people we could make it a monthly thing.

I have created a facebook group to keep in contact and organise things so if anyone is interested add me as a friend or reply to this thread.

Hope to see you soon.
Hi all

I sincerely hope that this group becomes made up of people without hidden agendas in particular to promote their own businesses and spruikers from a mailing list. If so be up front.

Hi, this will be a strictly social get together as there are a few seminar groups active in Adelaide already and often the best time to learn is when talking to other investors.

On the Facebook group I have indicated any posts on the wall by spruikers will be deleted and if the member continues they will be removed from the group.

It is also a private group so that only people invited can view it.

And yes I am a mortgage broker but I am a property investor first and formost so I will control my own spruiking as well.

So if anyone else is interested in joining please hurry up as I would like to get the first get together happening.

Back when I was living in Adelaide and went along to a couple of meets that wasn't the impression I got. Not going to mention any names though.

Hi Dave, are you back in Perth now?

edit:- Stupid question I just looked at your location at the top of your post.
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i am pretty new here. i am interested in any social gathering as well - subject to availablity.

Get Together & Facebook Page

Hi All

I am currently researching and looking into buying my first investment property in Adelaide and would be interested in meeting people who are experienced/or at the same stage as i am with investing.

So i would be keen to meet up as a group and hear stories, share ideas, pick brains etc. Also what is the facebook page called?


Adelaide meet up

We are meeting for dinner at Hotel Hilton on August 11 at 6 PM. Please free to join us. The address is :

Hotel Hilton cnr of South and Sir Donald Bradman Road

See you there.
HI All
If anybody has the name of Adelaide facebook group mentioned in this thread
could they please p.m it to me as I am interested in joining .
Thanks Matt