Advice on selling subdivided block


I have got a dual occupancy planning permit for my property in melbourne.
I intend to sell the land on the back with planning permits.
my question is
that to sell will i need to subdivide the block?
Will i have to get the utilities connected to new subdivided block before i sell or can the buyer who is going to build can get the utilities connected?

any further more information on the subject is most appreciated.

thanks for the help


No just advertised it with "approved plans for subdivision". If you actually have building plans drawn up and approved by council I would have these attached. Not wanting to go into your finances or experience, but why don't you just do the subdivision and build yourself.
You don't need the utilities on to get it approved, but you'll probably find that to get it actually *done* you'll need water/sewer, and its a bit hard to sell a subdivided block if you haven't even deposited the plan. You can't just sell half a block of land, it does need its own title.

Bear in mind that subdividing takes a while. However long you took to get your dual occ approved, plus more to get it processed. Mine took well over 6 months to get approved (I sent it to council in October 2008 and the development board didn't sit in December or January) and lodged it with the LTO in March 2010 and I still don't have the title, council rate notice, new water account etc. Water meter alone took 2 months to get installed, and that was a criteria of lodging.

If the title doesn't get processed by the end of this month I won't have a water account until NEXT July, because SAWater only process new water accounts once a year, which could get horrible if I try and sell the old house and my water bill is still with the old house not the new.