Another confession from GoAnna! - I have become weary of property


I have enjoyed your posts enormously over the years and will miss hearing about all your property 'adventures' ..... but life is too short to have regrets or to spend time wondering "What if .. ?"

Go forward, explore new fields, and don't forget to stop and smell the roses occasionally! I wish you every success in your next venture!!

And please don't forget to pop into the forum occasionally and say 'Hi'. :)

Can't say it any better than what's already been said. You'll certainly be missed but I'm sure you'll also be back. I guess the idea of all this investing is to give us the freedom to do the things that we want to do - whatever they may be. Enjoy!
Hi Goanna,

It's quite daunting walking a trail for year after year, up and down the minor summits, through valleys and over dales. As you head toward your destination it feels quite strange to look back at where you have been and what you have done.

When you finally arrive, it is not without some trepidation that you pause and reflect.....wondering.....well I've been on this journey for such a long time now, what do I do now ??

Forrest Gump running toward the ocean comes to mind - you finally reach the ocean and decide that all you are good at is running, and so you turn right on around and keep on running 'til you hit the next ocean.

Runners need to run. Ending up at a place where you can move freely without having to run is quite a scary place for runners. I know exactly what you are going through, cos I am going through it myself.

Thanks for the chats and thoughts over the years. If we ever do meet, I'd be honoured to shout you a glass of your favourite.

Cheers and good luck Goanna.
Hey Goanna :)

Think of all the spare time you'll now have away from this pesky forum- it can be addictive at times, that's for sure!

Thanks too for all your stories, words of wisdom and contributions over the years. Though there's so many new personalities here since you and I started (geez sounding old now!) it's still a wonderful resource and that's thanks to ppl like you who've been willing and active in sharing.
Enjoy the journey of life :D:)
pleeeese doooon't goooo!!

Come on Goanna; all that's happened is you've gone stale.

Go for a trip, take a beak from the real estate grind and then come back in a month all refreshed and ready to go.

Or, maybe you need a change of direction for a while; we have decided to buy some businesses instead of property - a change of scenery and some much needed and deserved instant cashflow, but keep the r/e fires burning in the background. Give it a try.

Good Luck and you know where to come for a shoulder or an ear.
Melbourne Trip 2002

Hi Go Anna & Michael

I can still not forget the weekend you and Michael picked me and James up in Central Melbourne after we had experienced the XPT from Sydney :eek: Then gave us a tour of the city and Country areas.
Over the years i have exited from this forum at times. Not so much that I did not want to be here. But sometimes other things just TEND to take up your life. Kids / Camping/Travel and developments, etc, etc

We all come here to try and make our lives better. Or better for our children.
Sometimes the Beast within TAKES OVER and goes beyond our REAL NEEDS

I have a friend from a few yrs back that has built his business up so much. But is now going through a separation. His ex wife was saying that $$$$ & power just became a obsession. He was never home and just forgot his 3 young children :( They sold their MC Mansion million $$$ home and now he rents a unit. And the kids do not want any thing to do with him.
Like at times we all have to Do a Balance on life. It goes Sooo fast. Then We are Dead:(

Anna you and Michael have REALLY been sooo Succesful at achieving what you have done. It may be time to ENJOY the fruits of your labour:D

I have had a kidney transplant and a number of Intensive Care Weeks where I was close to death. So i may have a different view from others here.

At times WE ALL GO Stale.It happens in our jobs, our friendships and relationships. And our investments.
Maybe it is a time to rest and relax. You have young children and what you and Michael have done for the last 10 years are certainly a credit to you.
The stress and other problems can only be felt by those that have pushed themselves to the edge to succeed.

Anna it really is time to rest on what you have done already. Enjoy those kids before they move out. And enjoy yourself.

So what if you do nothing for 5 yrs. During this Doom & Gloom time.

In 5 yrs you will come back fighting! But with Sooo much STORED Knowledge:D

Best wishes

Gee Cee


Old Fart
Thank you all for such kind thoughts. If I had known so many nice things would be said I might have left earlier :D

I am sure that I won't be able to resist the urge to visit - the rates announcement did it for me today - and I will do my best to come to social dinner. But I am already turning my energies elsewhere and getting excited about reinvigorating neglected areas of my life.

And the best way of contacting me is by e-mail. I have a bad habit of letting my PM inbox fill to overflowing.:eek:

PS Hey Chrispy we guessed the rate change correctly!
Feeling sentimental tonight. The end of an era.

This forum was life changing for me.

In 2000 feeling completely directionless in life I discovered somersoft and was enthralled with a new way of seeing the world. The Wife was like no-one I ever met and she inspired and intimidated me in equal measures (still miss you), Ruby, Seechange, Bayview, Chrispy, Y-man, Jingo, Kristine, plus many others (many I think of by their IRL names so I wont post them here).

Thank you Ian and Jan for giving so selflessly. You are part of a rare breed.

For those who wondered I did find another passion. And it makes me feel so alive (and petrified). And my property portfolio makes it possible. And just as importantly I can transfer much of what I learnt from property into the new area. And most importantly I know what succeeding beyond my wildest expectations is possible.

We should have a big end of era gathering!
A great thread GoAnna

And like youself - I feel like I've run out of puff. We completed 15 reno's in 16 years (some minor and some major) - bought and sold and bought again - subdivided - developed - but now we're at a place where financially we can stop ...

... two more reno's to go - nearly finished a major one on one of our tourist cottages to bring a 6th cottage into the stable - and then we'll slowly tackle home - but I am feeling "so over it" ... to the point where I can't even get excited about paint colours, tiles or furnishings.

I think it's just burnout and we may be back ... albeit a villa in France :D - or an off grid eco-home in Australia/New Zealand - or a rooftop in Morocco ...

I will miss SS immensely :eek:
Lizzie you have done heaps.

I think the only property related stuff I have a spark left for is my own home renovation that's long overdue and some micro houses in an inner suburb of Melbourne (a dream I hope to bring to life)

Have you found new passions? Perhaps we can chat about that on the new forum?

It would be great to catch up with the old crowd again.

My new passion takes me away from the 13th to the 30th July...if its before or after that I will be there :)