Anyone "going" to the Richard Brown conf call?

I signed up to have a sticky beak on the foreclosures site.

Today I go the following email - looks interesting and as it's free (apart from the overseas phone call) so I might call in...


Hello Fellow Real Estate Investor,

I just wanted to touch base with you prior to tonight's foreclosure workshop to give you a brief overview of what to expect. First let me introduce myself, I am Richard Brown, real estate investor, and personal success trainer. Over the course of my career, I have accumulated millions of dollars in real estate holding using creative financing strategies that allowed me to leverage my way into deals using very little of my own money. I've also trained thousands of real estate investors on the secrets I have used to create my fortune.

Tonight I'll be explaining to you the step-by-step method you can use to begin acquiring foreclosed properties immediately. Literally by the time we finish speaking, you will be equipped to start building your own real estate empire within hours. I've received several inquiries about the cost of tonight's workshop so allow me to clarify. TONIGHT'S WORKSHOP IS A FREE BENEFIT PROVIDED BY FORECLOSURE WORLD TO ALL THEIR CLIENTS. You might want to be sure and express your appreciation to them as I usually charge $50.00 a head when I do a workshop.

I'm so excited you have decided to participate in the workshop. I've already been contacted by several individuals, who have attended the workshop over the past three weeks, to tell me their success stories. I can't wait to help you discover what they have discovered!

Here are your instructions for connecting to the call:

1. Plan to dial into the conference 5- 10 minutes before the starting time.

2. Dial 507-726-3200

3. At the voice prompt enter conference code: 99015

4. Sit back and enjoy the most important information on real estate investing you will ever receive!!

Heres just a sample of what I'll be teaching you tonight:

Ø How to locate distressed properties in any market!!

Ø How to build an investor network to finance your deals for the rest of your life!

Ø How to buy real estate without spending a dime of your own money!!

Ø How to profit from properties without having to every own them!

Ø Much, much more!!!!

Remember, we will begin promptly at 9:00 pm est, Tonight, October 24th!!

I'm excited to meet you at the workshop. As my guest you will receive the Foreclosure Toolkit as my free gift to you. Foreclosure World sells hundreds of the toolkit everyday for $104.00, but because you have attended my workshop, you will receive a complimentary copy to assist you in building your real estate business

To Your Success,

Richard A. Brown

OK I'll bite

Which forclosure site?

Yeah I know I could do a google search for Foreclosure and Richard Brown. But it's late and I have to leave work.
Didn't make it to the seminar :( The perils of working in IT I guess - things always go wrong on Friday afternoon/night! It was a long time ago that I signed up for a test run, and I've been getting spammed by them ever since!!