ANZ Internet banking

Is anyone else frustrated by the delays experienced when using ANZ's online banking??

Transactions don't show up for days and days, and even when the individual transactions do appear in the credit or debit column, many more days elapse before the number in the 'balance' column is updated!

I probably only do one transaction a week on this account and can rarely tell how much I actually have in the account. I can't imagine what it would be like to use it as my day to day account..

It tips me over the edge :) /rant.
Shocking website. CBA and westpac put it to shame indeed.
Pity they can't spend some of those billions moving out of the nineties technology.
aggh, my loan for my first IP I'm looking to buy now is with ANZ and it comes with a credit card. I guess I will be keeping most of my banking at Westpac as 99% of my banking is online.
Never had a problem with ANZ online banking either. I have about 9 accounts with them and always updated by the next morning.

agree it is really primitive. the bankwest functionality is way ahead...cant believe it takes so long to show up transaction details
Cash Cards for ATM

I used to carry two cards - Westpac and ANZ - for those times when then ANZ ATM was down. Still carried the habit but now it's CBA with an emergency fund in it.

Only been caught twice this year so far. Once in a shopping centre when ANZ was 'servicing' (or so the screen said) and another when the supermarket couldn't connect to them. Both times CBA worked. Convenient when CBA and ANZ are near each other.

If ANZ wants to pull itself up it need to spend some money improving its infrastructure.
i have accounts with ANZ and CBA, i much prefer CBA's internet banking but havnt had an issue with ANZ yet
I really like ANZ's internet banking

Hate HSBC!

Credit Cards are on a completely different account so you have to log out of 1 and log into the other. each time you want to do a transaction you have to get your little key ring security machine thing and punch in the numbers shown on there that update every 10 mins.

I do on ANZ but with HSBC you cant link your credit card to your other cards. You have to have a completely different login.

Very annoying
been using ANZ online many years (since they started it) and havent had any problems for years.

Me too! Not a single problem. Uploads quickly and efficently. Balances are updated immediately.

I wonder why some people are having trouble, and others like myself and Piston Broke haven't had any issues with it at all?? Would it be worthwhile raising the problems with the bank itself??

While we are sort of discussing banking favorites, I am impressed with UBank and it's efficiency!

Regards Jason.