Aug 2010 API: Spot the SS'ers

Today the Aug API arrived in my letterbox, so I turned eagerly to the cover story "How I quit my day job"... hoping I would someday be able to achieve this too.

Imagine my surprise upon seeing not 1, but 2 SS'ers profiled in the article. Congrats Nathan and Richard (Qlds007) - inspiring stuff! :D
My copy arrived in the mail this morning - plastic wrapper and all.

Nice work Nath :). Your name isn't on the front cover, but, there is a full-page photo of you somewhere towards the middle.
Great stuff

My copy also arrived today.

Nice work Nathan and Richard.

Both regular posters and both very helpful with the information they provide; Nathan as the reverse Whelan the Wrecker (or Firebug Fred) and Richard with info on the finance scene and strategies.

Being of a similar vintage as Richard, I also resonated with his retirement tips (I haven't reproduced them here for any copyright infringement), however well worth a read for newbies and seasoned folk alike.

More power to you guys :)
Nice work by Jacque Parker in the Article about New vrs Old properties on page 38 as well.
Nice to see API continue to use Jacque's opinions (from a BA's point of view) in their articles.
May your business continue to prosper !!
Would your centerfold edition, in plastic wrap and/or brown bag come with a magnifying glass as well? ;)

Nah...Those staples that hold the mag togther are pretty big nowadays :D

Checked my letterbox, no API today......the newsagencies may just beat me to it again, oh well I can flip through it before I receive it (yet again) :(
One Day ;)

....still surfing waiting for the next wave for momentum and avoiding the sharks