Ballpark figures please...?

I have seen a half finished house and would like to get some ballpark figures for finishing off a few things, more for arming myself with a valuation before embarking on negotiations. I'll get proper quotes if I'm able to negotiate an acceptable price. The house is around 290sqm in size and located in capital city and is completely gutted at the moment. Please also mention whether the work done was budget/mid/high level spec.

1. Installing gyprock ceilings including cornices to all parts of the house
2. 250sqm hardwood floating floors and skirting boards everywhere
3. Solid doors and door frames x 8
4. Internal rendering over double brick (10 foot ceilings)
5. Downlights for living areas and oyster lights for other rooms
6. Bi-fold door - about 4 standard doors wide
7. Picket fence per metre
Sounds like you really should be talking to some builders to get a fixed price quote to complete the work before going any further.

That list is a lot of work if you don't have the skills to do the work yourself. I'd be talking to someone in the business/trade before making any offers to make sure the purchase price is worth the trouble. It may end up costing you more than just buying the finished product.

Some builders may also be reluctant to take the work on as they may not want to inherit possible problems left over from a previous builder.

Thanks for the reply. I guess the thing I have in the back of my mind about waiting for a finished product to come to the market is that there haven't really been all that many that have come up in the last year, and if I have to wait a year, prices may have moved. You've made some good points about how big a job this really is and I've taken these on board. It's not a small amount we're talking about either and I would be tying up all my cash just to put down a commercial-like deposit and have nothing left for any of the work until I can sell my PPOR. It seems it's better to wait and pick up IPs instead and wait for a suitable PPOR to come onto the market.
don't forget all of that list is going to have sub actions,
Built Door jamb
Hang Doors
Do door hardware
Install arc

(orders may change depending on other things)

Also will be Dependant on other jobs, e.g. painting is best to be done at once.

If you are not comfortable managing this then get a quote for a builder all up, otherwise start writing out in detail every item, and what order it needs doing.