Bank Valuer coming to value property - What can I do to get best possible price?


I've got a bank valuer coming sometime next week to do a valuation of the property. It will not be a drive by valuation but will come in the house and look at it.

I'm keen to get the highest price possible so has anyone got tips on what I should do to the house to get the best possible outcome? Do they care about presentation?

The backyard garden has no plants in it. Should I get some cheap plants and put them in?

I have no dishwasher (haven't needed one) but there is a space for it in the kitchen. Does it matter if I haven't put one in yet? (Although I will put one in when I rent it out).

There is no clothesline yet but will have one installed when I rent it out.

I have a spare bedroom that has nothing in it - no bed, just using it as a ironing and clothes drying room! Should it have a bed in it or at least look like a bedroom? Obviously, I won't be able to put a bed in at short notice so any ideas what I can do with this room. The other spare room is my home office.

Any other suggestions are welcome! :)

Hi Sue

If the place is reasonable and not a junk yard, small things wont influence the vals that greatly

The "white picket fence" idealogy works quite rarely.

Valuers aren't there to appraise your house for sale - they are comparing the features of your house to others in the area to give a reasonable value of what it would sell for in its current condition.

A 3br with a 10yo kitchen is still a 3br with a 10yo kitchen whether it has empty bedrooms or a kitchen with decorative pots on the bench or if there are modernistic twigs in a pot in the corner.

What matters is things like overall kerb appeal, overall state/age of the fixtures and fittings, condition of paint and carpet etc. Minor things like some plants in the back garden will make little to no difference.
If you have done any renovations to the property both visible and not visible to the valuer then you need to highlight these. This can possibly assist in the valuation.
Thanks for your replies. My house is almost 3 years old, on subdivided block with its own title in the eastern suburbs. I'll just make it look presentable for the valuation and hopefullyshould get a good price, fingers crossed.

If you are planning to put in a dishwasher, buy one and push it into the space.

Do not waste money on plants.

Nothing you can do will change the location or land size nor dwelling size or quality. They are the main determinants of value.

I have valued houses with over $100k of drapes that in all honesty would only appeal to purchasers of a similar ethnic backround. Therefore added value is $0.