1. G

    Sworn Valuation

    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone knows anyone who does sworn valuations in Melbourne (preferably Eastern suburbs) I am putting a deal together as we speak and i need it to be on the low side price wise in order to profit. Please reply or inbox me Cheers
  2. E

    Valuation Qs - property next to you will have more impact than one further?

    Curious question. Would a comparable unit next/ below have more impact on your unit valuation compared to the one in the next suburb? Similar suburbs - easy access to transport and shopping centre. Let's say the last month sales data looks like this (all relatively new build) Unit...
  3. F

    Annual Land Valuation Notice - What does it mean?

    I just got a letter for Annual valuation For PPOR the values hasn't changed for more than 4 years now this year all of the sudden it jumped by 140k...??! what is going on? what does it mean? Is it government's way of a tax grab, because they are so poor? Do I need to do anything differently...
  4. D

    CGT where PPOR first rented then you move in

    Hi Wondering if anyone has experienced this or knows how to tackle it. I bought a house in Aug 2005 already rented and moved in 12 months later after I gave the tenants notice. I then lived there from Aug 2006 until I sold it in April 2013. When I moved in within 12 months of purchasing it, I...
  5. tempura


    when I requested valuation from my bank, she asked "how much do you think you are going to purchase this property for?" in another way of paraphrasing the question, "how much do you think the property worth?" Why does the bank ask this question? Will my answer influence on how the value...
  6. tempura

    Making offer then do reports

    Is there anything wrong with this way of purchasing property: 1. Make offer 2. If accepted, then sign contract. 3. Quickly do Building & Pest, Strata, Valuation reports. 4. Consult Solicitor. 5. If something is pear shape then cool off. ? The risk of the above is: penalty of cool-off...
  7. M

    Bank Valuation came under by 70k on Unit

    Hi all, At the stage where I am in cooling off and I was planning on putting down a 20% deposit. My broker said that banks may not do a valuation if you got 20% deposit. Anyway, yesterday we were told that the bank (CBA) will do a desktop valuation. Today?s result is that it came in at 70K...
  8. G

    Strategy for portfolio review

    Hi, Our property investing strategy is to buy and hold and accelerate wealth through renovating. Currently we own 2 properties in Sydney, worth approximately 1.1M. One is in need of a major cosmetic reno, the other could do with a minor within 5 years (kitchen, 2 bathrooms, floorboards)...
  9. Richard Feynman

    LVR Q - overestimating property val during equity loan app.

    Quick question to clarify my assumption (or correct it). My LVR is almost 90% at present based on the recently agreed PPOR value between my lender and I (which I estimated during a successful equity loan app). I believe my PPOR is worth more than the recently agreed value. Now, if I...
  10. S

    Influencing the valuation

    G'day fellow Investors and experts, I am seeking your opinion on how if possible the investor could influence the valuation. Just a case for discussion: The property bought 6month ago, undergone through cosmetic renovation, tenanted at rent above market average, with obtained subdivision...
  11. I

    Low Bank Valuation

    I paid for a bank val a year ago that came in $100,000 less than similar properties that had recently sold. Only just found out. Now bank is saying if I want to access equity I need to pay for another valuation. I feel reluctant! Is there anything I can do?
  12. S

    Purchase price and valuation

    Hi all, When purchasing a property, if the LVR is less than 80%, the banks just take the purchase price as the valuation and move on. If the LVR is higher, the bank may get a valuation done. And the valuations are most if the times, the purchase price or may be less in some cases. But if...
  13. MTR

    Valuation - Finance

    Hi All Going to get my primary residence refinanced, in the past val (last 12 month period) has come under. Any suggestions to get the best result?? If I provide my own comparable sales will they consider/look at this, any point?? Thanks MTR
  14. S

    Bank Valuer coming to value property - What can I do to get best possible price?

    Hi, I've got a bank valuer coming sometime next week to do a valuation of the property. It will not be a drive by valuation but will come in the house and look at it. I'm keen to get the highest price possible so has anyone got tips on what I should do to the house to get the best possible...
  15. V

    Tips for getting a realistic valuation

    The story is we have two nice 3x2x2s in Balga, in the 2008 Mia Mia land release part (surrounded by homes all less than 5yrs old and no dept of housing houses). They are side by side, good spec (high ceilings etc), both with frontage at the end of a culdersac. I put the value on them at $410k...
  16. A

    Help on Property Valuation

    Hi All - I was referred to this forum, and from reading the threads, everyone certainly seems to have a lot of property experience! I purchased my home 2.5 years ago - and borrowed 100% with 20% guaranteed by my parents. I purchased the property for $268K but the property was valued at $280K...
  17. Richard Feynman

    Essentially unlimited, free desktop valuations.

    I thought I'd share something for CBA customers which I recently discovered. Via you can punch in your PPOR/IP address/s and it appears to instantly sync up to the same RP Data valuation system that the branches use (someone correct me if I'm wrong). This means...
  18. B

    Upfront valuations

    I am looking to refinance our PPOR then release equity to buy an IP. I would like to get a couple of valuations up front and go with the bank that values it the highest. I have heard CBA and Macquarie do upfront valuations. Which other banks do upfront valuations without first having to...
  19. M

    Valuation came exactly as the offer ..

    Twice in a row for different properties, I put an offer and it got accepted. The valuation came exactly the price I offered. The first property was my PPOR bought last year and when I got the valuation done this year (with almost no reno or changes done to the property), the valuation was...
  20. Peter_Tersteeg

    Top 10 property valuation myths

    A broker publication came out this afternoon with the following article written by Propell national Valuers: The top 10 property valuation myths In summary the aleged myths are: 1. “Swimming pools add no value” 2. “Bank valuations are always conservative” 3. “Valuers don’t spend enough time...