Bathroom renovation advice needed

Hi All,

I hope you all had a great weekend?

I am looking at starting a bathroom renovation in the coming weeks, but just wanted to get a full understanding of the job at hand.

I called a bathroom renovation company in Adelaide, but they gave me a very rough figure of about $10k for a bathroom renovation.

From what I understand (I might be wrong), is that this company merely manages the renovation and don?t actually have their own tradesman (sub contracted) nor do they have their own products, but they would get their fee for managing the project (correct?).

I just wanted to get some advice on how to go about a bathroom renovation and have some questions:

1: Do you think the services of the bathroom renovation company are required?
2: Are there things I can do to keep costs down? i.e. manage the project of my own, purchase my own products (tiles, fittings, toilet, shower etc) or do the demolition myself.
3: Do I have much choice in changing the layout of my current bathroom much (see attached layout). My main change would be a bigger shower, happy to keep layout the same
4: Any other hints and tips for me?

Look forward to hearing you thoughts.

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renos are like buying a car, you can buy a new decent car for $20k, or you can buy a luxury car for $200k

$10k for a marble limestone finish with a huge walk in shower with the latest trendy stuff is cheap,

yet you can DIY or do it on the cheap for $2k

if the job gets done I wouldnt worry whether the company outsources or does it themselves,

but remember, its not going to be a weekend job like they do it on the tv reno shows
Hi guys,

Attached has more measurements.

Not sure if there would be enough space to have slightly bigger "walk in " shower?



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Which wall is the show head on?

You don't need a door on the shower. Just use one glass panel flush with the sink cabinet and the tiles flowing towards the drain.
You could have slightly larger shower if you decrease vanity to 600
Standard shower size these days is 900 or 1000