belmore or dundas valley?

I am looking to buy a house, I have two posiblities 1 house in belmore 3 bedder, 350 sqm, and 1 3 bedder in dundas valley 580 sqm, both going for the same price My plans are to sit on it for 5 years and use the equity to invest in another property, I dont know either of these areas very well so I would love to hear other peoples opinions on which of these two areas would be best for growth?

how much are they going for?
What if the equity is only 15 or 20%?
Is that enough for you to do something with it?
I have place in dundas valley, and would suggest you buy with the option to DA a duplex........ = 600sqm + 15m frontage.

My house has seen 30% growth in 2 years and is DA approved increasing its value.

Just my suggestion.